Wargaming at Gamescom 2020

Wargaming will take part in the Gamescom 2020 exhibition (Germany). This was reported on the event website. Whether the company will present anything is still unknown. And right now, WG has already made a new 2D style for this exhibition – “Clean Energy” (Gamescom 2020). Price: 750 gold.

Gamescom is the annual and largest European exhibition dedicated to video games. This year the event will be held online because of the global pandemic COVID-19. Gamescom 2020 will be held from August 27 to 30.

6 thoughts on “Wargaming at Gamescom 2020

  1. Gamescom should have some good stuff for WOT I hope…
    All cancelled due to the COVID-19 Hoax. Its sad that people don’t see it. And yes go on people ridicule me, but at least I know the truth.

    1. So the hundreds of thousands of people dead and the millions that survived but have problems with their heart and lungs for rest of their lives are a hoax too? The friend of my parents who died of Covid is a hoax? Sure mate, sure. You are literally what is wrong with this world.

      Or just trolling, which I REALLY hope you are doing.

    2. I want the hoax to continue, so I can blog instead of going to uni.

  2. “WG has already made a new 2D style for this exhibition – ‘Clean Energy’”
    Libtard at its best. Which tank uses clean energy? TV-8?

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