Supertest: 🇺🇸 T42 (Complete Stats) T42. Initial stats:

Tier: MT-8, USA, premium
HP: 1 350
Engine: 500 hp
Mass: 33,792 t
Maximum load: 35,0 t
Power-to-weight: 14,80 hp / t
Max speed / Reverse speed: 51,50 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 42,0 °/s
Turret turning speed: 38,6 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,151 / 2,014
View range: 380 m
Radio range: 745 m

Hull armor: 101,6 / 76,2 / 25,4 mm
Turret armor: 215,9 / 63,5 / 76,2 mm

Gun: 90 mm Gun T114

Alpha Damage: 280 / 280 / 370
Penetration: 190 / 268 / 45 mm
Rate of fire: 6,876 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 925,3
Reload time: 8,726 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,345
Aiming time: 1,92 s
Depression/Elevation: – 10° / + 20°

Rounds in magazine: 60 rounds.

Shell speed: 814 m/s


Crew-4 members: Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader.

Aim spread:

after firing: 3.836;
during turret rotation: 0.096;
during vehicle movement: 0.192;
during vehicle rotation: 0.192;
during turret rotation at maximum speed: 3.55;
at the maximum vehicle speed: 9.88;
at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 8.05.

Camouflage Values:

fixed tank camouflage: 21.5%;
tank camouflage during motion: 16.1%;
stationary tank camouflage while firing: 5.12%;
tank camouflage while firing during motion: 3.83%.

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9 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇺🇸 T42 (Complete Stats)

  1. the history of this tank is: there’s nothing it does better than the M46 and so we won’t bother making them
    so what does WG do?
    increases its turret armour to play like a much more mobile M26 Pershing

    I understand why WG is doing this ($€£) and I do realize that now there are better options to train crews while grinding tank X rather than the old method of using crew trainer premium to get it up to 100% and then grind the researcheable tank, crew trainers are simly obsolete if you have reserves and such

    still I have to say that gameplay-wise I can’t understand why add this T42 that has no resemblance with any other TT resercheable tank, is it simply to make players aware the T42 will be so much better than the M26 and for such reason players should instead keep playing the premium and not progress the TT research?

    IRL this turret had 102mm of armor angled by 60º from the mantlet to the rear, it traded raw thickness for a streamlined shape capable of deflecting shots at range, I can understand buffing the armor a little bit (the same turret on the M47 had a bit more mantlet armor) but doubling is simply too much

    furthermore it is the exact same damage model as used by the M46 at Tier 9 but on a lighter yet equally armoured hull with stronger angles (60º slope instead of 46º for the M46 and M26) and 1 Tier below, it will be so much better than the M46 or M26

  2. Is 814ms a typo? It should be 914 meters per second per Hunnicutt, as the T119 is literally the 90mm M3A1. No functional changes were made in standardization. This is the same ammo and gun used (with a modified recoil system) on the M56 Scorpion, where it has the correct 219mm of penetration.

    Does Wargaming even pay their historians anymore?

    1. WG left the “historical accuracy” root LONG LONG ago, haven’t you seen the T77 at Tier 8 with basically the same gun as the M103, T110E5 and T57, while firing APCR and still having less penetration than what it can do with AP ammo?

  3. Buy ONLY russian tanks, or taste the sweetness of your own salty tears.

    190mm pen means an increase in the percentage of gold ammo used, or you simply become a liability to your teams, as you reduce your potential DPM with every standard ammo round you shoot, trusting in the magical wonderful rng to guide your aim to a weakspot.

    So be prepared to pay for the tank, and then keep on paying for the privilege of playing it.
    Recommended for use with this tank:

    premium account
    minimum 50% gold ammo carried to not become a handicap statistic to team
    minimum 4x 100% crew skills

    Wait for the youtubeinfluencer reviews, and watch them using premium consumables with it, cola etc, you might need to use that often too.

    Do your own research, and realise the MASSIVE gains in penetration the russian tanks get over other nations comparing cheap AP ammo to gold ammo. Russian T54 gains a WHOPPING 119mm pen between cheap AP and gold ammo, with top gun!.

    This is what I refer to as the hidden stats.

  4. That 190mm pen for tier 8 has been ditched a long time ago, when they buffed all the mediums like T26E4 Super Pershing and STA-2 and others to have 200~210+ mm of pen with standard ammo.

    Now the WG cunts make a new premium with 190mm of pen, because they are also retarded in addition to being cunts.

    1. sure, it was “ditched” long ago, have you never heard of a “cute” little thing called T69? with its outstanding 181mm of penetration?
      only the premiums and non-american tanks were buffed

  5. I’ll stick with the M46 Korea who just apeared on bond shop.

  6. And the poor old Tech Tree (which you grind along through) more and more is made pointless and out of date
    The Tier 8 Pershing (which you grind in Tech tree) is worthless to Wargame you don’t need anything but time some skills and lots battles to unlock it, and then play it

    So …. lets invent a better Pershing T8 Premium with 2x the Turret armor BUT give it the shitty 190mm pen Gun

    da comrade = it has excellent Gold ammo its not a problem at all ((unless you actually want to print Credits? then Gold ammo is a big problem

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