Ranked Battles Have Returned

Source: EU Portal

Ranked Battles are back, and they’ve seen some changes. You can find a complete overview with detailed information about the updates in the dedicated Ranked Battle article on our portal, but one of the biggest changes is the exclusion of a number of reward tanks from the event! For this Season, only researchable and Collectors’ Vehicles are able to enter Ranked Battles.

List of Excluded Tanks

Below is a list of tanks whose participation in the upcoming three Seasons of Ranked Battles will not be permitted.

We know that many of the tanks that are no longer permitted were quite popular and part of the previous Ranked Battle meta, but based on your feedback and the data that we’ve collected throughout the last Season, it was evident that they created an imbalance and a lot of players weren’t happy to face them in the mode.

Taking them out levels the playing field and will surely reignite the competitive spirit of the mode.

In order to give you some guidance for the upcoming Season and to predict what the top tanks in 20/21 might be, we’ve looked at past data and pulled out the best performing Standard and Collectors’ Vehicles in each class*.

Some popular tanks didn’t make the cut. A prime example would be the German tank destroyer Grille 15, which saw a lot of action last Season, but its performance was surpassed by quite a number of other standard tank destroyers.

Tanks were selected based on various statistics such as win rate, Role XP earned, the ratio of chevrons earned to lost, and more.

Light Tanks

  • Panhard EBR 105
  • T-100 LT
  • Manticore

Medium Tanks

  • Object 430U
  • UDES 15/16
  • STB-1

Heavy Tanks

  • 60TP Lewandowskiego
  • Super Conqueror
  • Object 277

Tank Destroyers

  • Object 268 Version 4
  • T110E3
  • FV217 Badger


  • Conqueror Gun Carriage
  • Object 261
  •  G.W. E 100

5 thoughts on “Ranked Battles Have Returned

  1. Well, no impact on me since I am unable to play WOT during the times that Ranked is open. GJ WG, obviously they didn’t learn from FL was first released.

    BTW, I understand tanks like 279e, etc being banned but 121B, 215B (heavy), M60? Really? They are not OP, they are 19 & 21 in DPM and their armor isn’t that great. And the Foch 155? What makes it OP other than having a 3 shot clip? The Foch B is still available with its 6 shot clip.

    1. Trolls can abuse that ‘cheap’ damage. Run in, shoot 3 times, die
      ps. also its not a common tank… so its not wildly known to be such a b****

    1. Irony is the T22 is actually a shit tank for fighting but completely broken as fuck for reverse sidescraping. My record in that tank is around 9k blocked and mind you this is a medium tank we are talking about brawling with heavies and TDs.

  2. We should thank WG for publishing this official list of overpowered tanks.

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