Update 1.10: Second Common Test

Brief note: you can update the public test of update 1.10 to the latest version.

Size (SD): 320.47 MB
Installation size on computer (SD): 677.85 MB
Size (HD): 480.91 MB
Installation size on computer (HD): 996.26 MB

In the Second Test:

-Added the new branch of Polish medium tanks;
-Implemented equipment 2.0 from the last iteration of the Sandbox server;
-Changes were made to the Steel Hunter mode and to the customization of the tanks.

Installation available only via Wargaming Game Center.

2 thoughts on “Update 1.10: Second Common Test

  1. why in hell did they need to implement equipment 2.0…. i dont want this shit.

  2. WG can go to hell if they don’t demount and fully refund all the equipment the players got previously after such a significant change.

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