4 thoughts on “T77 In-Game Pictures

  1. This kind of pisses me off because I miss that old warehouse garage. Sure I could use a mod to change mine but I hate dealing with mods every time the game updates.

    On a more serious note I still think this tank was a missed opportunity to downtier the T69 to 7 and put this tank as the tier 8. Using it as a premium is just another boring decision when WG should just fucking go ahead and let us convert tech tree tanks to premiums.

    1. Agree with you on the old garage. The premium warehouse / hangar was great and much better then the current one. Want to have option to choose from different ones and not install mods. Wake up WG.

    2. Where is mod to get that garage?
      Gooffy told me that it’s almost impossible to make that garage mod. We only have files from 1.0 sandbox and it’s hard to fit that garage into current game.

  2. hahahahahahahah WG cancers.

    They know T69 sucks, that’s why this is better in all ways…

    BUT, WG suckers just not going to buff T69…. Russia mafia company…

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