Update 1.10: Italian Medium Tanks, Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) Changes

In Update 1.10, you will not be able to mount a reloading mechanism on vehicles with an automatic reloading mechanism – this also applies to the Italian premium vehicle. If the loading mechanism is already installed on these tanks, it will automatically be moved to storage when the update is implemented.

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/uk.png   Progetto M35 mod. 46:

  • Removed the possibility of mounting a faster loading mechanism for medium-caliber guns;
    • Time of automatic reloading for each projectile in magazine: from 10,4 / 7,8 / 6,9 to 11,5 / 8,6 / 7,7 s;
    • Complete reload time from 25,02 to 27,8 s;
    • Average damage per minute: from 2086 to 1877 hp / min.

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/uk.png   P.44 Pantera:

  • The possibility of mounting a faster loading mechanism for medium-caliber guns was removed.
https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/uk.png   Prototipo Standard B:
  • The possibility of mounting a faster loading mechanism for medium-caliber guns was removed.

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/uk.png   Progetto M40 mod. 65:

  • The possibility of mounting a faster loading mechanism for medium-caliber guns was removed.

https://ru-wotp.wgcdn.co/static/5.6.2_896aed/wotp_static/img/core/frontend/scss/common/components/widgets/content-tank/img/uk.png   Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10):

  • Previously, damaged wheels only affected the vehicle’s dynamics, but not its current speed. Now, if the wheels are damaged, both vehicle dynamics and speed will noticeably drop. Damage to the drive wheel will reduce the vehicle’s overall power, and damage to the support wheel will affect its speed. With two wheels damaged, the vehicle is moving almost twice as slowly.

76 thoughts on “Update 1.10: Italian Medium Tanks, Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) Changes

    1. They’re not directly nerfing the tank, they’re removing an equipment type from a type of auto loading system that never should have got it in the first place, besides the progetto is the single best tier 8 medium tank period so it deceivingly needs a nerf

      Thou most people on any servers would complain if they nerfed something like the defender or skorp or 130pm cause “reee you cant try to balance premiums I spent money to be overpowered reeee”

      1. You mean the one type of equipment they EXPLICITLY advertized to be used on the Progetto 46?

      2. Okay, then remove the rammer but compensate the removal with a buff to reload speed.

        1. Agreed with True, they said an exclusive feature for Prog.46 is mounting a gun rammer,and now that “exclusivity” is gone, and people paid money for it. So yes, people should get a refund but the problem is, WG mentioned in ToS that they can manipulate with the tank even if people bought it using their own money,so I do not think refunds/sues will work. Though, that ToS term does not count for EU I think,and they can get in problems (again,I think).
          Now afterall, any progetto nerf was unnecessary, so again they will get in problems because;
          1. I think alot people will quit playing if they continue bullshit such as this (listening only to RU server, etc…)
          2. A bunch of people will want a refund/will sue WG because as I mentioned, that term for prem tanks does not count for EU (i think.).

        2. Remove the equipment that makes the tank overpowered, but buff the tank to keep it overpowered… nice one m8

    2. Perhaps you should read all the legal notices involved in the game and when purchasing a premium tank.

      You own nothing and WG has the full rights to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

      Armchair lawyers saying “but…but…but they can’t do that…” incoming

      1. That doesn’t work like that in Europe. And they know it. They refused to nerf overpowered premium tanks for years because of this. If they accepted to ruin tier 8 games with the Defender I don’t see why my Progetto should get nerfed. Either nerf all OP prems or none of them, but this case by case bullshit will get them in trouble.

        1. Doesn’t riot and blizz change their heros/cards in their games from time to time? How come that no one bothered to sue them for these things.

          1. I don’t know about Blizzard, but in League of Legends they nerf paid champions regularly, and nobody has ever successfully sued them to my knowledge. I am sure they have it nicely covered in their Service Agreements. As does Wargaming … so good luck trying to sue.

            1. League of Legends doesn’t have “paid champions”. You can unlock champions by merely playing the game and therefore there are no grounds for a suit. World of Tanks offers premium vehicles with little to no means of obtaining them without using real currency. This is why they were in hot water after their Super Pershing nerfs and that is why they offered a refund. I’d honestly be surprised if they don’t roll back the change to the Progetto 46.

              1. Ah ok, thanks for the info. Nonetheless, I don’t think they will roll back these changes. I would be very surprised if they had not checked the legal situation of the step beforehand, especially given the Super Pershing incident you mentioned.

        2. No, it does work like that in the EU. Fines to GIANTS like Microsoft, Google and Amazon proves it.
          You just have to submit the proper complaint, to Cyprus consumer protection agency because Wargaming HQ is in Cyprus.
          Also EU has commissioners for digital economy and justice in online age to which you can write and complain. They are idiots, but enough e-mails will get them moving.

    3. Don’t be a little bitch. If WG start balancing premium tanks it’s only a good thing. I don’t mind it at all, and yes I own the tank.

      1. You own nothing.

        “7.2 The Content and all of the intellectual property rights in the Content are owned by us (or by our affiliates and partners as applicable). However, during the time these Terms of Service are in force between you and us, we grant you a personal right (known as a ‘licence’) to use the Content in connection with your access and use of the Services.”

        Somebody clearly can’t read…

        1. That is not the way the various Consumer Guarantees Acts around the World would view it. You cannot insert a clause that removes ownership from something that somebody paid money for. EULA’s do not supersede legislation. Clearly you are only an armchair lawyer yourself and a pretty ignorant one at that. The issue is not they they will have breached the Law but who is going to enforce it. The least that will happen is that the consumer will lose faith in the product and stop buying it.

            1. You’re not too sharp are you? If a 1000 players don’t buy the next $100 tank because they don’t trust Wargaming not to nerf it, that’s a $100 000 loss for Wargaming. If 10 000 players don’t then it is a million dollar loss. Nobody needs to take them to court, they just don’t spend the money. You can get insurance for legal liabilities, you can’t get it for loss of profits due to your own actions. I win by NOT spending money. How do they survive when nobody trusts any of their products no matter how much they diversify? Why would I waste my time and money going to court?

              1. So you’re just another pussy with a big mouth, typical.

                Also, you’re pretty stupid if you believe that people are suddenly going to stop buying the progetto from WG (a multi million dollar, international company) just because its reload is slightly longer

          1. But is clearly stated there. You paid for the license to use it, you do not own the tank. Thats why everyone should read the EULA before buying anything. And, yes, if is in the EULA, it is covered by legislation, someones missintepretation of it ddo not supersede both the EULA and the legislation at wich it adheres. Im not saying WG is innocent or that they did a good thing on nerfing the tank, but enforcing the fact that no one read the freaking EULA, and instead just complain based on guessing.

            My 2 cents here is: if they are removing a feature of the tank, they might adjust some other parameters to keep it viable, without ppowercreeping or making it still overpoweredd. you removed an equipment? It is logical to reduce the weight and improve mobility, right?

          2. Just because you pay for something doesn’t mean you own it. Ever heard of paying for a service? Or leasing?

            Not a lawyer (backyard or otherwise) and haven’t read TOS, so can’t comment on changing terms of the pixel rentals is permitted.

    4. It’s one of the most broken tanks for it’s class in the entire game.

      I’ve literally held off on every other Tier 8 medium tank because I thought to myself “Why would I buy this when my Progetto is better in every way?”

      This needed to happen if they ever wanted to sell another Tier 8 Medium again.

  1. You know what I have to say to that.








    I really mean it. I bought two, and no more.

  2. While they are at it why not nerf the Object 279e and the Chieftain?

    1. They already mentioned it in Q&A of theirs, doing that will piss off players who “spent alot of time and tried really hard” to get those tanks. Though 30% of that population paid someone to get those tanks for them, I can bet.
      Though the problem is, more people will be pissed off having game breaking OP tanks than keeping them as it is because…
      about 13k players have Chief and 300 (i think) 279, and world of tanks EU population is 300k+. So lets count 50k of them dont have a tier 10, 30k dont care about OP tanks, rest 220k will get pissed off.
      220k pissed off players vs 14k.

      1. 14k players have paid for their tanks, direct or indirect vs 220k peasants never pay a buck :))

      2. So they are gladly pissing off a large part of the playerbase who invested real money into the game and bought the Progetto or the EBR but they are afraid of pissing off 14k players who only spent their time playing the game?

        1. Sadly it is true,they said it themselves in Q&A, they are afraid they will piss off players who got 279 and Chief because “it was hard”.

          1. Chieftain isn’t hard to get…play 5 clanwars battles in a season, bid ~ 30k bonds and you got one.

  3. Wow…they literally just handed the progetto 46 a massive nerf by removing the ability to mount a rammer. Right now it has an average first round reload on par with most other meds but without the rammer its closer to some lower caliber heavies.

    I know some of you might think “buy they’re not nerfing the actual tank” and to that I say removing its ability to do/mount something is a nerf. I have quite a few friends who own that tank and all of them use a rammer on theirs.

    I’m glad I got mine completely free from finishing the whole tank marathon because it doesn’t annoy me as much as it would those who spent actual money to buy it. Still going to be fucking annoying to train myself for these new reloads because its my most played premium tank of the past few years.

    1. Removing the rammer from the Italian meds is unnecessary. A gun handling nerf and maybe a slight nerf to turret traverse speed would have been more than enough.

    2. “Right now it has an average first round reload on par with most other meds”


      It shouldn’t have a DPM comparable to other meds. The reason this tank is OP is because it has no downsides. Good DPM + TWO FREE ROUNDS JUST IN CASE, great speed, traverse, gun handling, view range…

      There has been no reason to play any other Tier 8 Medium tank since this pay-to-win bullshit came out. Making it have slightly less single-shot DPM then a non-autoloader tank is the very least they can do. It will still be by far the best Tier 8 Medium after the nerfs btw.

  4. everyone crying about the premium spaghetto nerf are part of the problem.
    new premiums NEED to be nerfed for this game to continue healthily into the future

    1. If you ask me people should learn how to fight various tanks rather than wanting everything nerfed. If you can’t pen something change up your strategy to retreat or reposition for better shots on it or another tank.

      Sad truth is most players lack the intelligence and patience to play strategically beyond holding W and spamming the map after dying in 2 minutes.

    2. Ideally they need to be balanced before release to save us all from the shit show they call ‘rebalancing’

  5. Honestly I’m not super steamed about Progetto 46 nerf, it was stronger than Pantera for no good reason. I do disagree with the nerfs to the tech tree meds. Nerfing the Standard B and Progetto 65 less is a step in the right direction but it would be better to not touch them at all.

  6. You are a bunch of fucking cunts! People want balance, but if they touch something you own you cry. God damn assholes! Keep your fucking twat mouths shut about anything OP in the future.

  7. It’ crazy insane.. i have Progetto (Christmas box) and EBR (paied the money directly). I want my money back if the nerf one of them.. i know it’s a game.. and its their game.. but if the lower the worth of stuff i have purchased, i want the money back!

  8. WG should allow refunds for tanks with such changes. It would be fair, and we would actually have less of these in the game.

  9. I’m kind of sad because I have the spaghetto 46,but to be honest, that gun rammer was bullshit since the beginning…
    Why a tank with the capability of shooting single shots + the capability of firing a 720 alpha clip in 4 sec would have the EXACT same dpm when firing single shots as any other 240 alpha medium tank of the game. That’s insane…. And completely unfair…
    Now, it’s fair : you have less dpm than single shot medium BUT you have an auto reloader to compensate.

    So in my opinion, all the italien medium should have been nerfed ONLY with the removal of the rammer. The nerfs of precision and gun soft stats for the tiers 9 and 10 are really unnecessary and kind of overkill …

  10. In the interest of game balance I think it is a good thing the Progetto 46 is nerfed, although I would have preferred a nerf to the gun handling. This tanks are simply too strong as it is; there’s a reason why Frontline is always crawling with Progettos. It would be great if they went on to nerf more overperforming premiums such as the Defender or the T-34-85M. Can’t see it happening, though, the Russian community would go bananas.

  11. This comment section is a gold mine, I don’t have enough popcorn for all this LMAO

    Guys, deal with it. Progetto 46 is getting nerfed and no one will get any money or gold back because IT’S NOT A SPECIFIC NERF, IT’S A GAMEPLAY MECHANIC CHANGE.

    Same applies to EBR 75 of course.

    And this is not the first time such a thing happens. If you check World of Warships you’ll find a premium destroyer called the Blyskawica. This thing was advertised as being able to “stealth fire” (old game mechanic) out of the box when first put on sale. Some time later WG changed detection mechanics and “stealth fire” was completely removed from the game, and Blyskawica got caught in it.

    tl;dr – WG has indirectly nerfed premiums before, they can do it whenever they want.

      Mounting a gun rammer on Prog46 WAS A EXCLUSIVE FEATURE that people spent money on, and now it got removed. Basically scamming.
      Selling a vehicle with exclusivity>Asking more money than usual>Getting that money>Removing the exclusive feature>U got scammed m8

      1. No, it wasn’t “exclusive” at all.

        Progetto 46 was not the only autoloader tank that could mount gun rammer. Before the ITA crap was a thing we had Type 5 Chi Ri that could (and still can) do it, and when the ITA crap came we got Pantera, Standard B and Progetto 65.

        And even if it was “exclusive”, read my previous comment – it’s not the first time WG indirectly nerfed a premium via game mechanic change. It’s just harder to do in WoT because all tanks follow more or less the same mechanics, with siege mode, wheelies and autoreloader being the only true oddities.

  12. Just echoing some of the stuff already mentioned.

    It is good that WG finally nerf’s over performing tanks….BUT they should be and do this consistently for all content on all tiers of all nations!

    And not nerf one or two tanks, while leaving the most oppressive content pieces untouched for gawd knows how long. Looking at the Obj 907/279e/95Chief…but also looking at quite some premium tanks on tier 8.

    IMO it is good that WG finally SHOWS some balls and I hope they’ll act accordingly.
    Addressing all content that needs addressing, to in the end get a more healthy (read balanced) product.

    And if this requires refunding some folk that desperately want they OP pixel toys to be refunded…then so be it! Refund these little brags and get it over with: them happy the rest of the players base more happy = a step closer to a better product! Win – win.

  13. I like these changes. And everyone crying, blame yourself for paying money for pixel tanks.

    1. No one is judging you for not spending so don t judge others if they like game. And also changing characteristics of tank which is bought it not ok by laws.

    2. Oh piss off boy, the premium was the least nerfed of them all.
      Standard B and Progetto 65 goes from being among the best in their class and tier, to being utter dogshit with these changes.
      They really could use a small buff to fire rate, at least on last shot on removal of rammer, now they will have completely anemic dpm, by far worst in class.

      1. I am not a boy or something. I being polite unlike you. And i havent said that i “like” t10 changes so keep your tone. And respect others. Its public opinion site. You need to keep in mind that you must show respect to each other.

  14. This is bs my premium progetto gets nerf ( i mean i have t10 one too but i didnt pay 40 euros for it). Wg i want my money back not even joking.

  15. Wow, 2 of 3 premiums that I have are getting nerfed. Well at least my Panther 8.8 can get some proper action now…. hahaha… no!

    NERF 279(e), chieftain, defender, amongst others.

    HOW has defender remained OP ALLLL THESE YEARS?.

    WHERE is the power creep?.

  17. Progetto M35 mod. 46:

    Well here we go again with Wargame smug ass Developers doing whatever the F__k they like whenever they want to

    Nobody will EVER trust Wargame again with there cash/ credit card money Again if they can simply ‘change there minds later on’

    ~ you buy a Premium ‘whatever’ this for real cash money for an Advertised ‘as is’ Product ~

    Then – on a ‘whim’ WG someday > sometime > they just change what it is they “advertised it as” in the Premium build up blurb WG like to do (and a lot of blurb with the Italian auto-reloaders weeks of it before the marathon event, and same afterwards

    Only to change it!

    worse thing
    Wargame lose a lot of trust from there customers which is VERY hard to win back
    remember – this is not the 1st time or the 2nd time Wargame have tried to be ‘clever’ at our expense

    what a bunch of wankers
    Can i have my money back please Wargame

    and kiss my ass for any more cash/ money on WOT once you do this

  18. Them trying to keep the game balanced actually makes me spend more money on the game, not less.
    Hell, if they nerf the defender i will throw in a hundred bucks just for that.

  19. Got P46 for free with tournament gold. Don’t care about the nerf. Got many other premiums for free as well. Doesn’t matter if they change the P46 from broken to good. Would be happy watching people cry about the nerf.

  20. It is about time WG nerfed these OP tanks. The only people whining are statpadding sluts who are crying. WG can nerf what they want. You people should read the fucking Terms of playing. You install the game you agree to the terms – you only license the content you dont and never own it. It always belongs to WG so they can change the stats whenever they want. You don’t like that – dont play the fucking game.

  21. Anyway did anyone track the way the money for WG are travelingand who is feeding on its bits?

    Before they arrive to BLR? Cyprus/Turkey??


  22. So many idiots here discussing the removal of the gun rammer. It is pointless.
    Progetto 46 is nerfed by increasing the reload times. Period. That is a clear nerf.

  23. WG changed “game mechanics”…if it is not a vehicle nerf……then why arty nerf – removal of AP ammunition was not projected also to premium arty 105 leFH18B2 – which was recently sold again in BM – as it was also a “game mechanics” change

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