[Sandbox Results] Equipment 2.0: Taking Another Step Forward

Source: EU Portal

First, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the players who actively took part in testing and discussing the reworked Equipment 2.0 system. We really appreciate your continued interest and contribution, both of which are extremely valuable!

During the two test iterations, we were monitoring your reactions and feedback on forums and other online platforms while also analyzing the data obtained. We’re now ready to share the results of this large test and announce several additional changes to Equipment 2.0, which we aim to introduce to the game in Update 1.10. You’ll certainly have the opportunity to try out all these changes and revisions during the Common Test of this update as well as share your feedback.

In a nutshell, all tests have been successful so far, and we seem to be moving in the right direction. However, there are some aspects of this feature that still have room for improvement. Here’s a closer look at the revisions we suggest.

Major Changes After Two Sandbox Test Iterations

Ventilation will now be assigned to all four categories: firepower, survivability, mobility, and scouting. Previously, it was available for three categories, with the exception being survivability. Now, Ventilation will match with all slots with categories assigned, providing a nice performance bonus to your vehicles. If a slot doesn’t have a category, then Ventilation will provide a standard bonus.

In addition, we decided to slightly adjust the bonuses for the following types of equipment:

Category Equipment New Standard Bonus New Improved Bonus Sandbox Iteration 2 (standard/improved bonuses)
Firepower Improved Aiming Unit 5% 7% 7% / 9%
Mobility Additional Grousers Hull traverse speed: 15%

Acceleration: 10%

Hull traverse speed: 20%

Acceleration: 15%

Hull traverse speed: 10% / 15%

Acceleration: 7.5% / 10%

Mobility Turbocharger Maximum speed forward: 4 km/h

Maximum speed backward: 2 km/h

Maximum speed forward: 5 km/h

Maximum speed backward: 3 km/h

Maximum speed forward: 5 km/h / 6 km/h

Maximum speed backward: 3 km/h / 4 km/h

Scouting Low Noise Exhaust System Light and medium tanks: 6% Light and medium tanks: 8% Light and medium tanks: 7% / 9%
The bonus amounts and characteristics of other types of equipment will not change compared to the second Sandbox iteration. Here’s a reminder just in case.

Select an equipment category tab to see more details about the effect and cost of certain equipment. In the equipment description, the first value is the standard effect and the second value is the increased effect (when the equipment and slot categories match).

Conversion Conditions Changes

The cost of existing equipment will not exceed 50,000 credits for Tier II–IV vehicles and 300,000 credits for Tier V–VII tanks. The cost of equipment for Tier VIII–X vehicles will undergo no significant changes.

All new equipment will be divided into three classes that share the same properties. Each equipment class will correspond to a certain vehicle tier. The higher the equipment class, the higher the cost.

The exceptions to this rule are Camouflage Net and Spall Liner. Camouflage Net will cost 50,000 credits for Tier II–IV vehicles and 100,000 credits for Tier V–X vehicles.

Spall Liner won’t have classes at all. Four different versions will be available, each one suitable for certain vehicles.

  • Light Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier V–X light tanks and tank destroyers based on an LT chassis.
  • Medium Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier V–VII heavy tanks, as well as Tier VIII–X medium tanks and tank destroyers based on an MT chassis.
  • Heavy Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier VIII–X heavy tanks and tank destroyers weighing less than 75 tons.
  • Superheavy Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier VIII–X heavy tanks and tank destroyers weighing more than 75 tons.

In general, old equipment will be replaced by new equipment, taking into account the specifics of the reworked system. For example, the Medium-Caliber Rammers for tanks and SPGs will become Gun Rammer Class 2, which you can mount on the Tier V–VII vehicles and Tier VIII–X tanks it was previously compatible with. The Large-Caliber Rammers for tanks and SPGs will become Gun Rammer Class 1, which you can mount on the Tier VIII–X tanks it was previously compatible with:

Old Cost New Cost
Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer: 200,000 credits

Medium-Caliber Artillery Shell Rammer: 300,000 credits

Gun Rammer Class 2: 300,000 credits
Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer: 500,000 credits

Large-Caliber Artillery Shell Rammer: 600,000 credits

Gun Rammer Class 1: 600,000 credits

If a Tier X medium tank had a Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer, it’ll become a Gun Rammer Class 2.

Only if a Tier VIII–X tank had a Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer before will it have compatibility with Gun Rammer Class 1 in the future.

The following types of existing equipment will be replaced with their own analogs:

  • Improved Ventilation
  • Gun Rammer
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Stabilizer
  • Spall Liner
  • Additional Grousers
  • Camouflage Net
  • Binocular Telescope
  • Coated Optics

The following types of old equipment will be replaced by new equipment:

Old Equipment New Equipment
“Wet” Ammo Rack

Cyclone Filter

Fill Tanks with CO2

Toolbox (including Improved and Bounty Equipment)

Improved Configuration
Enhanced Suspension (all types) Improved Hardening

In addition, we aim to introduce Directive for Improved Configuration as a replacement for Toolbox:

Category Type of Equipment Effect
Survivability Directive for Improved Configuration Increases repair speed by 10%
Equipment whose class will change compared to the current vehicle class will be indicated by a warning icon. Feel free to use this equipment on this specific tank, but it will not be possible to remount it after demounting. This equipment will be sent to the Depot at the start of the next update.
The above rule applies only to Tier IV–VII vehicles.

When the Equipment 2.0 system hits our live servers, all Improved Equipment mounted on your vehicles will be automatically sent to the Depot.

Demount Kits

After the feature is released, you’ll have a chance to earn Demount Kits by completing special Daily Missions in Random Battles. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to get more Demount Kits by purchasing different bundles with credits. These bundles will be available once per account. Finally, at the same time as the release of the update, all players will receive a number of Demount Kits equivalent to the number of Tier VI–X vehicles in their Garage, but no more than 30 Demount Kits per account.

Thank you again for your contribution, Commanders! More details on future steps will be available at a later date.

12 thoughts on “[Sandbox Results] Equipment 2.0: Taking Another Step Forward

  1. Pretty nice stuff. Excited to see when it hits live.

    Only concern is, what should be pre-selling before the update? If my 500k equipment on some lower tier tanks becomes only worth 50k, I assume it would be optimal to sell. Should I just do this for any equipment on Tier IV or lower tanks?

    1. 500k equipment? umm, all equipment sells for half its purchase value so really you would only get 250k for that 500k equipment.

  2. Well, seems like they’re REALLY intending that we have no equipment which can be demounted for free (Camo Net, Binocs) after this change. That makes me slightly sad.
    Making Vents support all 4 categories is kinda stupid IMO – makes this a mandatory to use item again. Wasn’t the purpose of these tests to diversify the equipment a bit so that people wouldn’t use the same items over and over again?
    Also, what will be the chance to get a demounting kit from Daily Missions, 1/1000?

    1. “Wasn’t the purpose of these tests to diversify the equipment a bit so that people wouldn’t use the same items over and over again?”

      The real point of this was to change something that wasn’t broken in the first place. Just more of WG trying to reinvent the wheel rather than fix what is actually broken or need of attention. Honestly I would have preferred they work on crew skills because they promised that for years now and have yet to do so. Crew skills have far more influence on the performance of a tank anyway when compared to equipment.

      1. Well, they DID say they’ll work on Crew Skills after Equipment 2.0 so we’ll see…
        And, personally, I didn’t mind Eq2.0 at all when it was first announced. It seemed like a good change which opened up some new possibilities for equipment usage – as they have said, current equipment mostly focuses on firepower, and most of the other equipment was not used, so they tried to diversify and introduce new options, so that people would maybe change up a bit – the problem here is that with 2nd Iteration they went back on it and they just simplified things a lot by combining a few things, which wouldn’t be necessarily bad, but that removed the diversity they were trying to do. Hopefully what I wrote makes sense.

    2. A td, a light or scout or arty or medium or heavy tank should have different equipment.Same for the crew perks and skill.In the actual game situation all tanks have the same equipment and crew perks and skill.

  3. One thing I want WG to clarify is that there is a suspension equipment costs 80k credits now. Will it become a improved hardening class 2 which costs 200k credits? If that’s true, combined with a 50% off equipment sale, would break the game economy because you would sell everything to buy that equipment and you make a profit of 25% of all your assests after the update. Even without a sale you can make a profit of 25% of your cash.

    1. Just keep this idea in the back of your mind because IF this goes to common test in the future you can see that for yourself.

  4. Can anyone clarify what the hell this means for assets I currently have in my garage? I have 10,000s of credits wroth of equipment (mounted or not) and I’ll be fnukicg furious if WG turns 500K equipment into 50K (or whatever) worth equipment simply because it’s mounted on lower tier vehicles.

  5. typical WG, messing with things that are fine ignoring the big problems.
    yes people use the same configurations, why? well what’s the use of enhanced springs or additional grousers once you have upgrade tracks? nobody could have guessed that before?
    problem is, once WG have decided to change things they won’t go back unless it makes them money (selling pre-order tanks, removing equipment that was advertised to boost sales)

  6. So now my O-I won’t be able to run super heavy? That’s a bummer…

    1. Isn’t that a good thing? All the spall liners now have the same improvments.

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