Anniversary Store: pictures of new personalization elements

Pictures of all personalization elements that can be obtained in Act IV of the event: emblems, inscriptions, stickers and style sets.
Roll out 1
Roll out 2
Ranked Battles
WT E 100
Leviathan 2017
Convoy 2016
Holiday Ops 2017
Ensk drift
Broken bank
Broken bank
Total break-up
Be careful what you say!
Sacred Valley (reproduction)
– Look at these calm bushes near the base! I could sit and meditate in them, relaxing and letting fate decide everything. But we’re not fighting like that, tankers. To work!
The wheel of fortune
– Maybe you are the fastest shooter in the West. Or the most accurate sniper.You know you can hit, but does the wheel of fortune have the same opinion?
“You can’t do this while being stunned …”
Amateur painting set
– It’s 50 shades of gray for your favorite German tank.
Vehicle comparison
– On a scale of 1 to 10, my baby gets 29.
A game of spelling
– How do you find the name for a Swedish tank? It’s easy! We throw all the letters into the box, shake well and throw them on the table. Good luck trying to say what happened.
The final stun
– The stunning effect of the T92 HMC shell is so great that you will see stars in broad daylight.
Mighty Maus
– Here are 3,000 HP of a true Germanic engineering miracle.
Style sets

„Demob” Style for Object252U

– An unique style that you can get during the 10th anniversary event. In the army, quick decisions count. This is the key to victory. When the opponent is busy creating offensive plans on the map, we work hard, changing the terrain, sometimes without changing clothes. And when the opponent starts his attack, he goes to a completely unknown area and loses his reason. That’s how we work.

Panzerskorpion style for the Rheinmetall Skorpion tank

– An unique style that you can get during the 10th anniversary event.

He was to replace standard bullets with harpoons with long metal chains attached to them. But something dawned on us that we had seen it somewhere. It is a pity, because it would be a great way to coordinate the actions of careless allies.

Surströmming style for the Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2 tank

An unique style that you can get during the 10th anniversary event. Don’t be surprised that at the beginning of the battle a vehicle with this style appears in the extreme part of the map, away from its allies. Believe us, it’s for your own good. Distance will save your gentle smell and relieve gagging.

Style set “Sense of orientation Mk. IV “

– It looks familiar, doesn’t it? This universal style discreetly reminds you of the need to look at the map. You know from time to time. The tactical situation changes every minute, so look at the map!

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