New Tanks for Bonds (Ranked Battles 2020-2021 Season)

From the article on Ranked Battles posted recently:


No tanks were removed from the Bond store. The next bonds shop update comes in the winter of 2020/2021.

26 thoughts on “New Tanks for Bonds (Ranked Battles 2020-2021 Season)

  1. Guys, stay a bit more realistic. Why would a company give their good selling tanks away for free? Makes NO sense from a companies standpoint.
    If you want good tanks, you have to pay money for them, just as everyone else does. Stop dreaming.

      1. I’m not sure how many players get the Mission Marathon tanks without paying anything at all, but it would have to be a small percentage.(and I reckon if they had one planned around now they’d postpone it….can’t risk people on covid lockdown having the time to get one totally free).

    1. I just want the Chieftain/T95 to be sold the tier 8 British medium, considering its a mediocre tank plus its clan war counter part tanks are going to appear in the Bond Shop so why not this one too?

      1. Its a bad tank. If it had preferential matchmaking it could maybe be called mediocre, but it doesn’t.

  2. does the KV-4 Krevlovskywhatnot count as premium or reward tank perk-wise? (i.e. credits/crew xp boosts included?)

    1. crew xp boost applies to all premium and special tanks. no extra credits as far as I know

      1. Actually, they ARE premium tanks, I own both of them and they do make extra credits like your normal tier 8 premiums.

        They suck, though, especially the KV-4 Kres

  3. IS-5 and KV-4 are complete ass, why tf do they cost 2k bonds more than Chrysler K? Not even new tier 10, like Foch 155 or something, they threw some dogshit tanks just to renew this joke of a bond shop.

    1. Because they plan people spamming a shitload of premium shells on the Chrysler due to the shitty pen. 2 Chryslers going at each other with std shells would have the same result as a pair of Pz. IIJ facing off.

      1. To be honest I enjoy my Chrysler even without prem ammo.

        The “problem” with that tank is that it even makes reasonable credits when spamming gold

  4. Good that they are not removing earlier tanks from the Bond shop, bad that the new added tanks are Meh (Chrysler is fine, but I bought that in the Black Market). I don’t think IS5 and KV4-K are full premiums. They are just reward crew trainers, which makes already meh tanks an even worse buy for 10k bonds.

    1. I participated in the original campaign and will confirm the IS-5 at least is a full premium.

  5. Ranked battles is shitfest of 49% WR useless Polish players.

  6. I don’t see how the IS-5 is bad, it appears as a tier 8 T-10 with good penetration for its tier.

    1. Gun handling is terrible, accuracy is awful, it’s APCR so less normalization = more bounces. Also frontal ammo rack fiesta

    2. T-10 hull is not actually an upgrade over IS-3 as the modules are placed worse and the maximum protection offered is worse.

      Due to the heavier weight of the T-10 hull, the 700 horsepower means it cannot keep up with a fully upgraded IS-3. IS-3 also received a buff to its terrain resistances, IS-5 did not. IS-5 originally had better terrain resists to allow it to almost keep up with an IS-3.

      The turret, similarly, is worse, but not by much. It is better than Kirovets-1 turret.

      Accuracy is flagrantly, abhorrently bad. The accuracy alone is why I stopped playing it–I could not make effective midrange fire like an IS-3. The gun handling is also so substantially worse that the decrease in aimtime does absolutely nothing to alleviate its ills.

      AP vs APCR is not actually that great of a difference. APCR loses less pen over range, so the IS-5 would be an even tradeoff over IS-3 if it could land shots at range.

      And what does IS-5 get for all of these tradeoffs?

      HEAT. Not 265mm APCR, but 270mm HEAT. HEAT is better than APCR, but not to the extent of having so much be substantially worse.

      It also fires 1/5th of a round more per minute, so if you fire for the entire duration of an average game, you can fire one extra time over an IS-3.

  7. I will print this list on paper roll…. That’s the best I can say about this tanks!

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