WoT: New Polish Medium Mini-Branch Launch ETA

In the first half of this month, the new branch will go to the Common Test, where you can try them yourself, and then, in August, they will be released. This is how the tree will look like:

The most interesting thing is that the new Poles have been tested very quickly, no 2 or 3 iterations of the tanks, even for the top tiers (with the exception of their premium). Keep in mind that this year a new Italian heavy line will also launch.

26 thoughts on “WoT: New Polish Medium Mini-Branch Launch ETA

  1. The tier 8 prem interestingly doesn’t have the gimmick speed mode, so a clear pass to the whole branch for me.

    You wanna get serious? -> get russian! (And no soviet satellite crap…)

  2. I for one am looking forward to the new line. It may not be overly exciting, but at least it looks balanced for once.

      1. Its WoT…when haven’t people cried about something?

        I mean half the playerbase plays mostly easymode tanks that don’t take that much skill. To them balanced tanks will obviously seem underpowered because they can’t steamroll shit.

    1. Those real tanks have no fun factor in this game. This is why we need “fantasy tanks”. It’s a casual game after all, not Warthunder.

    2. Yeah the 38th Sherman with very slight modification wow how interesting and new. Whats next? A
      T-34-85 with a slightly different hatch or maybe a Cromwell but this time with an different engine.

      Reality is that many of those real tanks that saw combat are already in the game in one way or another.

    3. I am confused, what does a Sherman have to do with the Polish MT line?
      was the Sherman designed in Poland? I thought it was designed in the US, am I mistaken?

      1. The sherman was an american design but it was liscensed out to foreign allied companies to manufacture them. There hasn’t been that many countries that adopted its shape into their own tank designs…for obvious reasons.

        1. as far as I know only the Canadians produced licensed Shermans, everyone else modified Shermans originally produced in the US
          either way your answer still won’t explain what the Sherman as to do with the paper tanks on the Polish MT line, as far as I know the Polish forces who fought together with the British Army operated Fireflies, the one from the link (which has no reference about Poland at all) is simply a M4A1 with the thing designed to but barbed-wire

    4. so what is special about it another 100th sherman clone. get over that ” america superior” logic. its just a clone nothing much.

      you are not a creative guy.

      1. “america superior” logic? you do know that if we talk about Poland during WWII we have to mention the Polish forces who fought alongside the British Army while operating Fireflies, right?
        those Fireflies are Shermans and those Shermans were mostly made in the US (I believe they also converted a few Canadian built Grizzlies into Fireflies), and so it is not about America being superior but historical importance for the Polish people, so basically give the Polish MT line a premium Firefly

    5. Just an FYI but WoT isn’t a simulator game so historical accuracy isn’t their focus. Its an arcade game and unlike War Thunder they can use concepts, blueprint, and prototype tanks.

      Really wish you tank historian types would stop complaining about what tanks are put into WoT. If you truly don’t like it then go play War Thunder which is all about that historical accuracy.

    6. It would be a really fun tank at tier 6, especially because it could ram arties way better than others. And the “horn” could also count as spaced armor.

  3. Question is will they run a mission marathon for the tier VIII premium? I doubt that the premium will be that popular over the Pudel or Rudy – both of which will be training crews – but if they run a mission marathon that includes a 100% crew with BIA (which you got originally with Pudel and with Rudy when the made it “swappable”) this may improve the marketing. Thoughts?

    1. Its unlikely that they will do a marathon unless its in the second half of July or if its done in December. July we have this strange car event thing. In Aug, Sept, Oct, and Nov there is that PvP game mode which i forget the name of.

      Honestly I don’t see them doing a tank marathon this year given how packed the events are and with 2 tank lines on the way.

  4. Balanced doesn’t interest or attract or make money.
    Powerful is what everyone wants, then some nerfs further into release, once the flies are trapped in the honey.

    A honeymoon period for all new tanks.
    Except russian ones, they always forget to do the effective nerfs once the honeymoon period is over.

    And WTF is with power creep vis a vis the defender (just as a random russian god tank example)?.

    Riddle me this Batman, how come I’m STILL seeing average players top of teams just because they are in this tank?!.

    Either it was SO INCREDIBLY OP 5 years ago during release that all the last 5 years power creep STILL hasn’t caught up to it, OR WG are ninja buffing it, little by little!.

    WTF??!. Both of these options are sad.

    1. WG is obligated to publish any changes to premium tanks regardless if its a nerf, buff, or game mechanic change that effects it. Reason being is to keep premium tank owners informed and to hopefully avoid a Super Pershing controversy 2.0.

      Besides it would be quite hard to make changes without the player base of millions of players noticing. So with that said you need to remove your tinfoil hat.

      1. No, they do it because they already have pending complaints for the shit they are pulling with the selling of premiums without disclosing key specs.

        1. That’s why I hate skepticism. Every aspect of a tank are documented data. If those numbers never change, a tank is never changed. People would rather claim a tank being stealth nerfed instead of using tests and data to convince. It’s nothing different from claiming your neighbor killed someone without any evidence.

  5. I’m looking forward to the Tier 8 premium, the line itself does not interest me too much but it’s good that it seems very balanced.

  6. If the line is releasing in August that means the premium will likely be released near the end of this month or very early august.

    1. Yup, Actually would be nice to see that soon get me crews all ready to go. Shit who am I kidding I have tons of crews waiting from all the Christmas rewards.

  7. they can always buff/ nerf/ balance later… wouldnt be their first time. If it is balanced which it looks alright so far it might only need some minor adjustments.
    Its nice to see something new.

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