6 thoughts on “T77 In-game Pictures

      1. Well its a tier 8 and the line needed at least one crap tank. Some might argue the T69 is bad but thats merely an issue with its tiering and not the parameters of the tank.

  1. T54E1 390 alpha with 105mm cannon…. and this T77 360 alpha with 120mm cannon!?!?!? this is a joke

    1. at least this time around the comparision is between 2 tanks of the same nation, generally it gets much worse when comparing them to tanks from other nations, that’s when the power creep really sinks in

      also, they haven’t done this at all before but I guess they will say the DMG is below avg for the caliber (120mm gun) because the standard round is APCR
      in a balanced WoT all APCR ammo would do less damage than normal AP, but we know they tested it and realized that on the long term it may cost them 10~20% in sales and that is why they have already announced that DMG based on type of ammo won’t be implemented
      there will of course be exceptions, like this case where they are adding a premium that even though does below avg damage for the caliber, it still does more than the guns from the grind tanks of the same tier on the same nation

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