Supertest: T77 & T42 (Initial Stats)

Two Tier VIII American medium tanks are about to enter the Supertest: the T42 and the T77.

The main difference between these newcomers is their armament.


The T42 carries a 90mm gun able to make 6.59 shots per minute, each dealing 280 damage points on average. The armor penetration amounts to 190 mm for the basic AP round and to 268 mm for the special APCR shell. While the gun’s dispersion and aiming time aren’t very special (0.36 and 2 seconds, respectively), its depression is outstanding: -10 degrees.


Turning to the T77, it belongs to a completely different subclass of medium tanks due to its 120mm gun sporting an autoloader with a 3-shell drum. It takes 38 seconds for this gimmick to fully reload and the time between shots is 2 seconds. Each successful hit subtracts 360 points from the enemy’s HP pool; the gun’s dispersion is 0.37 at 100 m while its aiming time is 2.3 seconds. As for the armor penetration, it’s 215 mm for the standard APCR round and 270 mm for the special HEAT shell.

In terms of mobility, the T42 and the T77 are almost identical, with a top speed of 51.5 km/h and 48 km/h, and a specific power of 15.6 hp and 16.3 hp per tonne, respectively. Also, both vehicles have the same view range: 380 m.

That said, the T42 is a better survivor due to its turret having a ‘bouncier’ shape and up to 216 mm of armor at the front. The T77 has only 152 mm there. Both tanks have an HP pool of 1,350 points.

As both tanks are typically American mediums – reasonably slow but with decent firepower – they can perform the same tasks on the battlefield, but each delivers on these in its own way. While dishing out damage, the T42 can use terrain folds and rely on its gun’s stats allowing for comfortable gunplay. The T77 has good burst damage. To realize the full potential of both vehicles one needs to use their strengths to the utmost.

T77 Pictures:

14 thoughts on “Supertest: T77 & T42 (Initial Stats)

  1. Whelp, guess the pershing needs another power creep. Practically the same gun compared to the T42 (exact same pen) and about the same DPM. Im not sure how I feel about it, the T77 seems atleast more interesting to me

  2. It sounds like a better Pershing and a better T69 to me…. 🙁

    1. the T77 is obviously better than the T69, it used the same hull as the M48 and was armed with a 120mm gun
      as for the T42 it definitely is not better than the Pershing, the T42 trades armor for mobility and so it cannot be a replacement for the M26 Pershing (playstyles are too different)
      if the T42 was a researcheable tank it would be the perfect candidate for a new MT line leading to the M60A1 with either a T95 or M47M at Tier 9, it would basically start mobile, at lower tiers, and keep that mobility throughout but adding just a bit of armour, but not enough to make it too armoured for a mobile MT line

  3. Ill probably buy the T77 just because i liked the T69 but i have no interest in another gimped mediocre version of what looks like a Bulldog

  4. M46 Patton’s upgraded turret + T69 hull = T42. Quite easy modeling huh?

  5. I was hoping this was finally a sign towards the rework of the US TT but I guess those will be premiums
    just a couple months ago someone from WG gave an interview where he said
    « we have added too many Tier 8 premiums and are running out of available candidates »
    guess no one else got the memo about that

  6. So T77 is basically like a cropped T57 heavy, it would have been great if it was a heavy premium, not a medium, so we can train our T57 heavy crew with a similar playstyle premium tank.
    I don’t really get it why they are making it a medium, it doesn’t make any sense to me… (T69 is not a keeper, I don’t think a lot of people keep it at tiers VIII)

    1. T57 = M103 hull + oscillating turret with heavy tank rated armor
      T77 = M48 hull (a medium tank, the same as used on the T54E1) + oscillating turret with medium tank rated armor
      so no, at least this time they did not mess up its classification, although it will be heavily “balanced” (same gun as M103 and T110E5 and yet firing APCR has only 215mm of pen? IRL it was around 300mm) to fit Tier 8, with close to realistic stats it would be a obvious Tier 10 MT

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