WoT EU: Tiger 131 to be sold again

UPDATE 30/06:We were extremely happy to see such an overwhelming level of support for The Tank Museum in Bovington, over the weekend. The fundraiser bundles including the Tiger 131 sold out faster than expected. We understand that some of you missed the chance to participate and pick up your very own Tiger 131.

Therefore, we will be putting 400 additional Tiger 131 ‘Collectors Gem’ packages up for sale on Wednesday, July 1 at 20:00 CEST (UTC+2).

The proceeds will still go directly to The Tank Museum.

Source: Portal.

8 thoughts on “WoT EU: Tiger 131 to be sold again

  1. Someone tell WG to do the same kind of thing on the NA server !
    I might not buy it, but I’m sure a lot will !

      1. Don’t concern yourself with such lowly lifeforms, Seb. Tbh I wish you’d optimise the site for mobile rather than reply to people in comments. It keeps stuttering like hell, it’s disgraceful

        1. you should use RSS/amp for mobile. Are the ads causing the stuttering?

          1. Yes, when the ads reload for a new one the text jumps up and down, making it very annoying to read an article on mobile without adblock. A possible solution might be to always reserve the same space for ads whether there is one or not, because when the ad reloads and the ad disappear, all text below it moves up to “fill” the empty space where the ad was, then when the ad is reloaded, the text jumps down again.

    1. I think you can’t understand what a limited item is, don’t worry, we still care for people like you.

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