6 thoughts on “K-91-2 Renders

    1. hehe
      I didn’t realize it’s the same ”naming pattern”
      I laughed, thanks

      1. Dunno, for all we know WG could be putting it in as yet another tier 10 on the tech tree as a sort of center hull version of the rear turreted K91. To me I just don’t see it being a reward vehicle for events, CW, or even 3rd PM campaign down the line because its not really that interesting of a tank.

      2. I hope it will be a reward that will be extremely hard to get, sort of endgame content for skilled players, we can argue skilled players don’t need extra help but on the other hand it will feel less frustrating to lose to a skilled player on a OP tank than losing to a noob that was only lucky is tank is OP

        first of all the K-91-2 is a brawler version of the Tier 10 K-91 with a bit less DPM (3100 vs 2600) but thicker armor, better power-to-weight ratio (21 vs 19 hp/t) and higher avg/alpha damage gun (same caliber, different ammo, bs reason if you ask me, especially since those are both APCR ammo)

        as for the other Soviet Tier 9 MTs (there’s no need to compare them to same Tier MTs from other nations) it is better, there will be one with better mobility or thicker side armor or higher alpha damage from a larger caliber gun, but overall the K-91-2 is better than the other Soviet Tier 9 MTs, particularly the armor penetration of the gun that is even comparable to the penetration from Tier 9 HTs of calibers between 105mm and 120mm (generally between 250mm and 258mm pen), with 252mm of pen it is actually better than most Soviet HTs at the Tier

        so yeah it is OP and I hope not just anyone can get their hands on one, for once I’m hoping this thing becomes a reward for a difficult event

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