WoT EU Tankfest Invite Code



  •  V Matilda Black Prince
  •  100% trained crew
  •  Garage Slot
  •  7 days WoT Premium Account
  •  VI Tiger 131 rental for 10 battles
  •  VI Sherman VC Firefly rental for 10 battles

9 thoughts on “WoT EU Tankfest Invite Code

  1. I’ve never seen a good review of the black Prince seems a very strange way of attracting new customers

  2. Cool. Finally an invite code which gives you a Tier 5 Premium other than Excelsior or Churchill III lol.

    1. It’s 10 times worse tho :0

      Honestly, those two have been in the game for quite some time (Churchill III is the daddy of tier 5 Prems), and I’d say they are STILL amongst the best ones you could get tier for tier. Just imagine how OP they used to be back in the day

      1. now you have more decent premiums like the shielded, turan, M10 premium version, T14 or Ram II. All of them are decent, but no… give em worst one possible and send ’em to space.

  3. Didn’t work for me – may have expired(or there was a limit) – Thanks for trying

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