9 thoughts on “WoT EU Tankfest Bonus Code – 29th June 2020

  1. The style was Ranger for me. Otherwise accurate.

    In Simona2k’s words – nice

  2. If I activate the code and I don’t login in-game the premium account will still run out? Or it’s activated only when I login

  3. I don’t know what happened,i inserted the code,they say it’s valid, but i did not received any of the rewards,tried it several times…EDIT : can someone help me ? i tried the code on my other account and it worked still not working on my main account ? what should i do ?

    1. It only works if you have completed two tankfest missions. Same for me, nothing in Garage despite code activation… Sadly, this is not an automatic freebee… and I can’t be bothered to play toxic Randoms for some missions…

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