Supertest: DS PZInż,B.U.G.I., CS-44 (Initial Stats)

The last (but not the top) three tanks from the new Polish Medium branch are rolling out onto the Supertest, namely the DS PZInż (Tier V), the B.U.G.I. (a Tier VI with a name suiting any Tier X that’s groovy enough), and the CS-44 (Tier VII).

These vehicles are jacks-of-all-trades possessing good mobility (the top speed is 55 km/h for the B.U.G.I. and 57 km/h for the CS-44) and a protection level that is average for mediums. The Poles can be compared to Soviet medium tanks of the same tiers (the T-34, the T-34-85, and the T-43, respectively). They have the same design layout with the forward placement of the turret and have comparable agility and survivability.

The peculiar feature of the medium Poles is having alternate guns at some tiers. For the B.U.G.I. and the CS-44 you can choose between a 90-mm gun with parameters allowing for more convenient gunplay, and a 100-mm one that packs more punch. (In the B.U.G.I.’s case, the 100-mm gun is short-barreled and spits out extra-powerful HE and AP shells.)

Gameplay-wise, the new Polish vehicles are much like their Soviet counterparts. Yet they can boast a perk which is also pronounced in Polish heavies: high one-time damage (this is especially true for the high-caliber guns). Their good mobility is another remarkable characteristic; the newcomers can excel at both attack and defense.

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13 thoughts on “Supertest: DS PZInż,B.U.G.I., CS-44 (Initial Stats)

  1. I must say that the 3 lower Tiers do at least look unique and interesting, at least they aren’t as much of a copy of the Soviet tanks like the 3 top Tiers and the Polish heavy tanks are

  2. To be honest, they do to an extend power creep the other mediums (mostly the older content) on their respective tiers. Whether it be on armor, gun aim times or pen/alpha, or a combination of those.

    I reckon this is to offset their “low” DPM…but DPM already can’t hardly ever fully be utilized on slow reload guns. So in essence, on such slow reload guns, it’s a rather mute balance factor.

    I’d rather see them having a bit worse gun handling, less armor, ammo pen/alpa adjustments and somewhat gain some DPM. To bring them more in line with what’s on their respective tiers.

    Like the Leo and T-31-1 should be more akin to how the CS-44 should be IMO. etc etc.

    1. Extent*
      etc repetition? Really? 🤦‍♂️

      Come on man, at least stop encouraging other people to type that way.

  3. With these 3 textured alongside the tier 8 prem we now wait for the tier 8,9, and 10 to be textured. My guess is the premium gets released late July and public test is done in Aug with a late Aug to early Sept patch release.

    1. isn’t September too late for them to be able to test the Italian heavy tanks before Christmas?
      the Polish mediums may be released late July/early August when players may be in vacantion and have more time to grind them

      1. Nope, considering we just had a small patch of updates this is my rough estimate for the timeline of events. This is just based on my experiences of seeing lines released over the years from how long it takes from seeing early leaks to release which is normally a 2 to 3 month period.

        June: nearing end of Polish line being ready and continuing supertest.

        July continued testing in supertest and early prep work for public test

        Polish Premium released either in July or early August which would usually signify roughly a 1 month release date for Polish meds.

        August: Public test of Polish tanks which will likely enter 2 phases as is normal for a lot of new lines with possible release at the end of August if all goes well.

        September: Line is released early to mid sept unless by some miracle public testing takes even longer.

        On a sidenote it isnt confirmed when we will get the E100, IS4, and E5 changes which were promised this year. We could get those either with the Polish update, a small patch, or in the update for the Italian heavies at the end of the year.

    1. You do realize this is an arcade game that isn’t about historical accuracy or realism? Its always hilarious when someone whines about something being “fake” in an arcade game.

      1. clearly you must be a relatively new player in WOT mate just 5 years ago it was mainly 75% historical correct or genuine mass production Tanks in the game ~ the other 25% were mostly the Premium Shop Tanks … always makes me laugh when a newbie player says WOT is a make believe Arcade game,

        of course the last 2 years has seen WG do its best to bring in new Vehicles that are complete fiction or fake after running out of actual existing genuine Tanks around the WW2 ~ 1950’s

        your welcome ………..

  4. STFU 🙂

    This is not arcade like bullet hell or street fighter. This is a game rooted in realism, that has a lot of real mass-produced, historical tanks; it started with them. Putting the tanks nowadays side by side, an average observer wouldn’t know what’s real or fake. The overwhelming percentage of the player is that exact person.

    So yeah, put a fake tank in, whatever the fk ever, but don’t lie about it like it was real.

    1. are you sure? go ask a WG dev if WoT is a Arcade or a Realistic/Simulator game and be surprised, oh wait, you don’t have to because in their own videos on their own official youtube channels they have REPEATIDELY SAID WORLD OF TANKS IS A ARCADE GAME AND THEY NEVER INTENDED IT TO BE ANYTHING ELSE

      and so I make your words mine and say to you

      « STFU »

  5. STFU Armando,

    Just cus you listen to WG and think they tell the truth doesn’t mean you are not an idiot.

    It clearly started with REAL tanks and the balance even stuck close to what was real. Now they say “OH YEAH ARCADE BOIII” cus they started adding all the fake shit, of course a dumb sob like you go YEAH I BELIEVE THAT!

    So STFU and GTFO

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