Panhard EBR 105, Panhard EBR 90 Changes

Panhard EBR 105

Dispersion during movement: 0.06 -> 0.08
Dispersion on hull traverse: 0.06 -> 0.08
Dispersion on turret traverse: 0.03 -> 0.04
Aiming time: 1.2 -> 1.4
View range: 350 -> 340
Engine power: 750 -> 720
Top speed in Rapid mode: 95 -> 91 kmph
Reverse speed in Rapid mode: 70 -> 65 kmph
Chance of engine fire: 0.1 -> 0.15

Panhard EBR 90

Reverse speed in the Rapid mode: 85 -> 83 kmph
Reverse speed in the Rapid mode: 85 -> 83 kmph
Engine power (top): 580 -> 560

Source: Japanese WoT Twitter

UPDATE: added the EU forum info:

In one of our previous developers streams, we announced that we are working on rebalancing wheeled vehicles and today we want to talk about these planned changes.
Description of the Problem:
One of the key problems for most players is that the wheeled vehicles survive for too long despite being under massive enemy fire while actively spotting. This is due to both their small size and their high mobility and dynamics. Another aspect is that the wheeled vehicles are almost impossible to immobilize because they do not stop when their suspension is damaged. Instead, they simply slow down a little. The effect of damaged wheels on vehicle dynamics is relatively low. For a noticeable effect, several wheels should be damaged.
All this creates a situation in which a player, in order to effectively engage a wheeled vehicle, should fully focus on a single objective at the cost of ignoring other aspects of the battle or forgetting other missions. A small window for causing damage, the difficulty of making an accurate shot, and other random factors make destroying a wheeled vehicle a non-trivial task. If we assume that the opponent is a very experienced player who can maximize all the advantages of a wheeled vehicle, then it becomes very difficult to counter this vehicle type.
In order to balance the wheeled vehicles and reduce their survivability, we want to do the following:
● Increase the effect of damage to the suspension to cause the vehicle’s behavior to change, slowing it down
● Slightly reduce the characteristics of the imbalanced vehicles by reducing their firepower and mobility

Adjusting the Mechanics:
We want to approach the problem described above from two directions. First, we’ll make changes to the mechanics of causing damage to wheels. Previously, a damaged wheel affected only the dynamics, not the current speed, of the vehicle. So if you kept moving without losing speed, the damaged wheels wouldn’t affect the behavior of the vehicle too much. But if you slowed down (for example, when making a quick turn), the damaged wheels would cause lower dynamics, making it more difficult to build up speed again.
We want to test the adjustment of this mechanic. Now, if the wheels are damaged, both vehicle dynamics and speed will noticeably decrease. Damage to a drive wheel will reduce the overall power of the vehicle, and damage to a traction wheel will affect the speed. Considering that almost all wheeled vehicles in the game have all-wheel drive, damage to any wheel (both retracted and lowered) will cause a reduction in dynamics. However, the speed of the vehicle will decrease only when the damaged wheels are currently touching the ground.
Moreover, damage to the first wheel will have the greatest impact on the vehicle’s speed and dynamics. For each subsequently damaged wheel, the overall effect will increase, but less abruptly.
A simple example: The Panhard EBR 105 moves at a speed of 95 km/h. After taking damage to the first wheel, it quickly loses speed to 68 km/h. And after taking damage to another wheel, the speed drops to 52 km/h. This will make the vehicle much more vulnerable, thereby reducing its chance of survival when under heavy enemy fire.
Rebalancing Technical Characteristics:
The second aspect of the test changes to the wheeled vehicles is the rebalance of their technical characteristics. We want to slightly decrease the gun handling parameters, as well as the acceleration and top speed of some vehicles.
Our goal is to maintain the distinctive gameplay of wheeled vehicles without causing them to resemble a branch of tracked light tanks. We expect that a small decrease in the technical characteristics, in combination with the change to the mechanic of causing damage to the wheels, will have a sufficient effect on reducing the battle performance of these vehicles.
We believe that such changes will affect the overall performance of the wheeled vehicles in battles. The role of the vehicles won’t change. They’ll remain effective at active scouting, but they’ll cause less damage to enemies (especially from a distance) and lose a little from their dynamics and top speed. You’ll have to play more carefully in these vehicles, and the consequences of taking damage will be more serious than they are now.
Please note that this is only the first test iteration of the planned changes. Note that all the above adjustments are not final.
We look forward to your feedback!

49 thoughts on “Panhard EBR 105, Panhard EBR 90 Changes

    1. i’m with you man, in what world a rubber can stop 183mm shells fired from a death star? 😐 not a single word about that….

      1. it was not there when I made my comment, as you can see it was edited with the UPDATE bit, before it was just weapon spread and speed stats
        also, the only video I see only shows it slowing down while never reaching a point where it stops

  1. as everybody say (reffering to armando and maltrata) “you shoot too low”, but i know what i saw when i shot with my 705A, i had a replay but its old version. I were using AP, saw my shell flying to the UPPER PART of the wheel,and just crithitting…

    1. “you shoot too low”….like you have time to aim at an ebr…. you barely have the time to shoot in the direction of the ebr, you don’t have the time to aim at the turret , or between the wheels, you pure and simple shoot and hope to pen and not get a critical hit only 😐

      1. What are you, 90? There’s plenty of time. They are harder to hit than normal tanks, sure, but not hard to hit really. People just need to learn to play and use that mouse.

  2. That slowdown is way too much, almost 1/3 of the speed gone in a single hit on a vehicle which is easily damaged if you aim properly.

    1. AHAHAHAHAHAAH Way too much? Half wheels down and still goes faster than any medium tank! ….
      Plus…. Changes to those shells? They do more damage than a fuc*ing rat on a cheese factory!

    2. nope, that is realistic and they should add an increase of speed loss while turning, particularly if the hit was on a wheel that steers

    3. Bro, the slowdown on a normal light tank when someone hit it in the tracks is 100%! They stop in place, often turning half a circle in the process. And they are more easily damaged than EBR’s if you aim properly as you said. So, NO, 1/3 if speed loss is not much, it’s too little, they should lose at least 50%, and we should get assisted dmg for vehicle that we hit in the wheel as long as it is broken.

  3. Bullshits over and over, those unbalanced creeps are able to bounce a heat from obj 277 tier X, and much more… Ive seen it right before my eyes… WG doesnt get enough of rigging this game.

    1. agreed if a wheel is damaged and that vehicle takes damage that should be assisted.
      This looks like it might actually help balance these go karts as right now they are pretty broken. A shot from any gun .50 or larger would go right through both sides of these but they tend to only damage wheels.

    2. Bravo! I’ve been telling this all the time, why tf do we not get assisted dmg when we damage wheel? So many times happened that my whole team is missing shots on an wheeled rat of any tier, and then I hit it FIRST, damage 1 wheel, he slows down, and then EVERYONE hits him and kills him. And everyone get xp for that dmg and I get NOTHING, even though I was most precise and I was the sole reason of that guy dying, since nobody hit him in full speed but me.

      Pathetic design indeed.

  4. Good start, but I would’ve made the speed recution penalties harsher (how is a car supposed to drive that fast with a wheel blown off?).

    The other nerfs to EBR 105 and EBR 90 seem entirely inconsequential though.

    1. These are not regular cars. Wheeled AFVs can happily move around on full speed with one or two wheels blown off…

      1. sure, a flat tire won.t slow them down that much, however a 128mm AP traveling at 900m/s will happily rip a wheel off including the axle that is connected to the gearbox somehow, knowing WG that must mean the burst into flames when that happens due to a destroyed engine

      2. As you said they are ,,Wheeled AFVs”
        So why you even trying to argument with shit like this? Its World od TANKS And not World of Wheeled AFVs…

  5. I hope the change of the mechanics affects all wheeled tanks, including the premium Panhard EBR. This tank is the scourge of Frontline, and while I don’t think that making it more vulnerable to really change that, it would be a start at least.

    To be honest, I don’t think these changes will be enough to solve the wheeled tank problem. These abominations are nothing like tracked tanks; introducing them changed the fundamental nature of the game, and not in a good way. And just like with arties, which will always be a pest no matter how much WG tweaks them, wheeled tanks will always be toxic. In my opinion, bringing them into the game has been the single biggest fuckup Wargaming has produced in the eight years I’ve played this game.

    1. I agree, but unlike arty they are not limited. Wargaming could easily address the arty issue by limiting it to one per battle – but they won’t because of queue times for arty. Isn’t that what we want? Something to discourage arty? I would rather have one arty in every battle then 3 in most battles. As for wheelies they ruin just about every battle they are in – unless you are playing the wheelie – especially if you are in a tracked light tank!

  6. EBR’s should simply be rebalanced to become tracked tanks with extreme mobility, but not the freaks of nature they are now.
    Same with the Premium Version.

    It is beyond rediculous
    I have seen EBR105’s dart around in the enemy base for 2-3 minutes, evading fire from 5-6 base campers, killing 3 spg (4 shots to kill 2, 1 shot on 1) and also killing a FV4005 in the same run, then drive away, no doubt the guy playing the ebr laughing like a demon.
    Try that in a T100/RU251/LTTB/T50-2/MT25, the previous speed demons in WOT, IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

    Admitting to the fuckup of adding the Wheeled Vehicles in the game and rectifying it would prove WG has grown as a company.

    1. Saw something like thst. Then dont forget they can easly hide the aimbot, ehich most of them have, my 2 cents on it

  7. I’m ok with the speed as it is, what I’ve found to be insufferable is the EBR’s consistently high speed married to a decent, if not overly good, view range which is then combined with the ultime in the annoying characteristic stakes, for the ultimate toxic cocktail… wheels that will absorb 183mm calibre gunfire as though it were an air rifle pellet.

    Making the target hard to hit is absolutely ok, in my book. When I do it hit the target however, I expect it to take damage… not to just laugh it off and speed away or circle me to death.

    Cut down the view range to make the EBR have to use it’s speed as a tool and do away with the inpenetrable rubber armor and you’ve got a good compromise of risk versus reward for players who are able to calculate the risks properly.

  8. The only thing that WG did not touch: Panhard EBR 75.

    But Panhard EBR 75 is a premium tank, and WG will NERVER nerf it.

  9. Galaxy brain WG nerfs a balanced LT (see wot-life for proof, players of all skill levels do slightly less well in EBR than their other tanks) instead of buffing the rest of the shitty class.

    1. Not sure we are watching the same stats. These are clearly OP. Players doing way better in these cars than they should. The average WN8 in these EBRs is only ~1200, but they are the first in terms of winrate (51%) of all lights per tier. With 1200 WN8 your winrate should be 48-49%…

    2. In my opinion, the toxicity of the wheeled tanks is not properly reflected in their winrate. It is true that it is not easy to do really well in a wheeled tank, but it is very easy even for tomatoes to completely fuck up matches simply by yoloing like there is not tomorrow, especially on open matches. I have seen it so many times – half a team gets spotted within 30 seconds after the beginning of the match, and the time the wheeled tank is dead, the match is already decided because the spotted team has lost two or three tanks and, more importantly, they lost precious time to reach crucial positions.

  10. the most important – not a single mention!

    If you damage a wheel you should get according ASSIST DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if detrack = 50% ASSIST
    75% speed = 10% ASSIST
    50% speed = 25% ASSIST

    and consider also engine damage

    …superficial WG intelligence

  11. and also remember the view range is poor for wheeled…so it is not all about speed

    some of you have FV4005 or FV183 in garage… is the same evil as wheeled….if you can one shot top tier tanks….and meanwhile you cry about wheeled…and before it was SPGs…..

    just wonder why WG is not so fast and hard on players using bots and illegal mods…..

    cos killing a fair-play means nothing to WG

    1. SPGs never stopped being a problem as their indirect fire mechanic never were touched. They can’t be balanced without removing that broken mechanic.

      1. Instead the FV183 that can one-shot every single light tank tier X is fine… but all the wrong are the artys. Still noob crying about artys… unbeliveble

        1. Arties*. Try spelling it right. I’ve said here already that 183s belong to broken department. Still nowhere near as broken as arties, as atleast I can avoid being shot by them. Arties cant be avoided if you want to play the game.

          Also super unicum. How about you?

          1. Thanks for the english lesson. And keep playinf T1-2 to do your amazing stats padding and be unicum noob. Ps keep crying about arty

  12. none of these changes affect it. those are literally do nothing changes so they can claim “we did something”

    still broken beyond all

    1. Well atleast they are not OP, like they never were. We’ve seen that being broken is something acceptable, as nothing is done to arties or 183s.

      1. not OP? what game are you playing? They are beyond broken. Every 40% ape runs around in them around the map and racks up more damage then they ever could do in their as you claim 183.

        Sure they take some effort to play on ensk, but so does any tank………. no worries, map rework for even more derp is ongoing.

        1. Nope, not OP. The EBR105 performs worse than Maus. You telling me Maus is OP then?

          Also, you say they are broken, which is it? Broken or OP? There’s a difference, you’d know it if you were above 50% player.

          1. A good way to look at that is to check at the winrate for all players, and at the winrate for good players. The first is easy to find, and I don’T have the second, but I know it’s really high ! Ask yourself : what light tank can be seen amonsgt the best clans ? EBR of course, no discussion here…
            Both of these winrates are a proof that they are way too OP.
            You have different data ? If so, please share ! 🙂
            Cheers !

  13. Excellent about time these scume vheeled wehicles were nerfed into the grownd

    1. If only they were. I don’t think these nerfs will be anywhere sufficient to make the presence of this bullshit on wheels acceptable.

  14. My main problem with wheeled vehicles (the EBR 75, 90 and 105) is that they completely spoil the gameplay for every other light tank:
    – Can’t be sneaky (e.g. scout in a forward position, flank) because you will get rushed by the wheeler doing ridiculous spotting runs way beyond normal light tank limits. Oh and he will also snap you for 500 with his bullshit HE round. You are still scrambling for cover long after he is in safety again.
    – If he is on your team you basically have no chance to get any initial spots because he is faster and able to get closer to the enemy.
    – Superhard to hit and magic tires (obviously), making a 1v1 very unfair in most circumstances.
    – Most of the time you are forced to some passive sniper role until your team manages to take out the wheelers (IF at all). But there are much better tanks for that purpose so why even bother playing LTs anymore?

    1. Exactly.
      I call them the ”light tank killers”, especially because I used to play a lot with the upper tier german lights. Of course the german lights are better from a distance, but now, it’s just like you wrote. I can’t make high risk high reward relocation. If I meet a wheeled vehicule, I’m dead meat.
      The most crazy part is when I play my RU251, and I fear to meet the tier 7 EBR, even if he’s 2 tier lower ! His HE shells will tear me apart, and I will miss at least half of my shots on him. Worse, I can’t shoot HE cuz they won’t pen most of the time !
      Before wheelis came to the game, I remember that they said a wheeled vehile would lose in a fight against another light. It’s the contrary….
      The only lights that stand a chance are the ones with armor, aka the russian. I not surprised they don’t care about that problem..
      BTW, sorry for my bad english, not my first language…

  15. …or just implement a button “do you want to have wheeled vehicles in your battles yes/no”. No need to rebalance or anything, just let the wheelchairs have fun in their own corral while people play with actual tanks.
    “But this could make longer queues for the wheeled vehicles” So what? Maybe they would not suicide scout so much?

  16. I think a lot of people talks about EBR nerf and they doesnt have it, only 2 thigs i want to say??

    1)Did you know that when a wheel tank, get 2front /rear wheels breaked it lose his chance to turn and can only move in straight line??? (can turn a little but same as a battle ship on world ofwarsips)

    2) Did you know that in a MAX configuration a wheel tank needs 10 SECS to repair the wheel???

    well,i agree that some changes on combat dinamics its ok, and some changes on wheels dinamics, but if they do that, at least give then the 5 SECS repair time that has ALL THE TANKS ON THE GAME

    whit that, only want to probe that people always talk, didnt have the tank, or play it ussually on CW, and doesnt takes care about the other lights has more than 50 m view difference, and they doesnt need to play so agressive to take spot.

  17. The worst thread of the wheelies is the fact, that G has implemented their 95km/h STREET highspeed as the highspeed on COUNTRY !! Thats absolutely idiotic and together with the magnetic autoaim which enables them to hit evryone at highspeed whenever and wherever they want to, makes them nearly invinceable to many other players. All other light tanks have NO magnetic autoaim and no 95km/h highspeed at country….so they’re rushing with hteir Mariocarts around the maps and spotting all enemies even before they could have reached a save place for their TD’s or Arties. Yes Arties, never ever I was killed so often when playing Artie to SUPPORT my own team before the wheelies were implanted into the game. It would be so easy to do it right: just give them the characteristica of the original EBR’s or AMX’s, and give them the role they have originally: light recce and support tanks with high roadspeed and a moderate countryhighspeed of about 50-60km/h. Give them the same autoaim like all other tanks in WoT and let them COMPLETELY loose their wheels after a HE hit at one side. So they MUST stop 5-8 seconds for repair and that gives all others the chance to intercept them. Thats all we need and the game would be better balanced. And for the 183 whiners: this huge tank CAN onehit kill most tanks but the gun is bad acurate and reloading time can be a nightmare tho. it’s very slow and bad to maneuvre so each med and most heavies can outflank him…….and arties: since wheelies are in the chance to survive for arties is not more then 15% in a game. And the own team which gets major SUPPORT from their artie give NO support and protection to their own supporters: their Artie………so why whining? No need to do, only give the wheelies what they deserve: the nerfs I’d explained above, nothing more.

  18. Those fuckers have less than 0.1 dispersion?! The WG headquarter should be burned and all WG should be anally raped with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

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