Panzer 58 „Chocolate with shells” Style Set Pictures

There is no such thing as „too many pictures”.

An unique style that you can get during the 10th anniversary event. Treated as a non-historical, valued at 1750 gold.

„These cocoa seeds, some of the best in the world, have been mixed with chromium-nickel molybdenum steel. It may look like a sweet, easy target for your opponent, but rather he can only break his teeth on your armor! Our product does not contain soy or palm oil!”

3 thoughts on “Panzer 58 „Chocolate with shells” Style Set Pictures

  1. Its not bad, not amazing but it doesn’t offend me like half of them do.

  2. Beware – you can only apply it to the Pz 58, i.e. not to the “Schwarzpanzer” and not to the “Mutz”.

    1. OMG…. I thought as a meme bonus, WG changes the name to the vehicle when you apply this sepcial camo to any of the Pz.58s…

      God bless that I didn’t fall in the trap. As I only have the Mutz…

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