Act III Anniversary Store: All New Personalization Elements Pictures

The first historical battle
Gentlemen, respect!
Girls up
My cozy fortress
Female voice
Illustrated puzzle

Totally historical
Bring back KV-1S!
Football 2015
Racing 2014
— Surrender is not an option. Either you destroy him or he destroys you. Everything is in your hands.
It’s Karl, Karl!
– 126 tons, 11 meters, 4 shells… 8 bits ideal!
Another way to discharge energy is to kick a ball. This often happens during WoT football events.
“Usually two things are expected of a commander: coming up with good plans and letting you know nothing.”
Global map
My plan for the evening: maps, invasions, two provinces.
Special delivery
Do you remember this secret weapon tested back in 2015? Well, it still works.
Style sets

The Croissant Hunter style for the M4A1 Revalorisé

“Chocolate with cartridges” style for the Panzer 58 tank

“Dummy” style for the Škoda T 40 tank

Style set “Sense of orientation Mk. III ‘

3D style “Assault Set” for the T30 tank

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  1. Pleasantly surprised by the T30, had suspected it’d be a lot more sparse and boring looking than that.

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