What to Expect: Ranked Battles 2020–2021 (Reward Vehicles Info)

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Tier X vehicles, get ready for new levels of challenge!

For 2020–2021, Ranked Battles will return to World of Tanks with three (3) exciting new Seasons. The first Season will kick off in mid-summer, which will allow you to try out several important changes and revisions we’ve been working on. Take a sneak peek at our plans for one of the most competitive modes in World of Tanks.

Revamped Progression System

For the upcoming Seasons, we’ll reduce the number of ranks in Divisions from 15 to 10. The number of chevrons you need to earn to advance from one rank to another will also change, making Ranked Battles more manageable yet more competitive and challenging. We’re taking this measure to improve your experience and get you more involved in playing in Leagues. Thanks to these changes, you’ll be able to reach Leagues faster and progress quicker in the mode.

Updating Bonus Battles

In addition to Bonus Battles you’re already familiar with, we’re adding new mechanics, Daily Bonus Battles, which will be available when you reach Leagues. They will be credited daily, and their number will depend on your results when completing Qualification.

Daily Bonus Battles are spent before regular Bonus Battles. They do not carry over to the next day. For maximum battle efficiency, be sure to use them before they disappear!

Daily Battle Missions in Leagues

Another way to get Daily Bonus Battles is to complete special daily battle missions for different vehicle roles. Added each day, these stand-alone missions will be available as soon as you qualify for a League. You will receive bonds (and Daily Bonus Battles, of course) for completing them.

Check Your Performance and Enjoy Your Glory!

To express our appreciation for your involvement and to encourage the most skillful commanders, we are introducing a special leaderboard featuring the names of the top Ranked Battles 2020-2021 players. This ranking will be determined by your highest battle effectiveness and best performance during all 3 Seasons.

New Items for Bonds

With the launch of Ranked Battles 2020-2021, we’ll update the list of items available for bonds in the in-game shop. We have lots of valuable and useful rewards in store for you, so stay tuned!

Cumulative Discount for Players

A special series of battle missions will be available throughout Ranked Battles 2020-2021. Their conditions will be tied to the mode’s progression system. Upon fulfilling the conditions of this series of missions, you will unlock the opportunity to purchase special in-game items using bonds. Then, after completing subsequent missions, you will gradually increase your personal cumulative discount for these unique prizes.

More details about the cumulative discount will be shared in the 2020-2021 Season announcement.

Reward Vehicles in Ranked Battles 2020–2021

Initially, Ranked Battles were conceived as a highly competitive mode in which the strongest players fought on a level playing field. In this mode, your experience and individual mastery have always been your main advantages over adversaries.

The most highly-skilled players often own powerful reward tanks that they have earned by merit in other game modes or events, but as these vehicles are limited in the game, not all Ranked Battles players have access to them. Given the competitive nature of Ranked Battles, we wanted to give all players the same chance to take part. In order to create equal conditions for all players, we made an important decision. For the upcoming Seasons of Ranked Battles, only players in researchable and Collectors’ vehicles will be able to participate in this mode.

Below is a list of reward tanks whose participation in the upcoming three Seasons of Ranked Battles will be limited.

Reward Vehicles

By carefully analyzing your feedback and your battles in this mode, we aim to diversify your gameplay experience and improve the mode as much as possible. As always, we appreciate you sharing your thoughts and opinions as they help us make Ranked Battles even more exciting!

More details about the upcoming Seasons and the changes mentioned above will be available in a dedicated announcement. Stay tuned!

28 thoughts on “What to Expect: Ranked Battles 2020–2021 (Reward Vehicles Info)

  1. “For the upcoming Seasons of Ranked Battles, only players in researchable and Collectors’ vehicles will be able to participate in this mode”

    Yes! Good job WG! They ACTUALLY listened and made a change that will seriously improve their gamemode!

  2. Whoo, good change, doesnt mean people won’t whine still. Next everyone’s cheating. From a good players side, maybe limit HE spam? Game has way too much E100 and 60TP HE spammers running about. Game should reward aiming. Even prem ammo requires far more skill to aim than HE does.

    1. If you really are a good player, HE spam is the least of concerns.

      1. No, arty and HE spam is the worst issues for a good player, as those can’t be countered with good play.

    2. Less skill and less effective, fair. Ramming takes even less skill and I suppose you like it,

    3. Considering this game is nothing but whiners 90% of the time you know someone will find a reason to complain. Hell I’ve seen people complain about the FREE shit that WG gave out.

      Sometimes the playerbase of this game makes my brain hurt from all the mental gymnastics of trying to logically figure out how they think.

    4. I don’t see why. High calibre HE is the perfect counter to bullshit, impenetrable armour profiles with few to no weak spots.

      1. Because it needs no aiming, thus no skill. Atleast you have to aim with prem ammo.

    5. “…, doesnt mean people won’t whine still.”
      You mean like complaining about too much bloody E-100’s “spamming” HE shells in a way that you would rather like to take hits from premium ammo??? Maybe what you should try is not playing ranked battles in the first place.
      NO OFFENSE BUDDY …, but these are really some textbook level whining skills you are showing here.

      1. No offence taken buddy, Have finished every single ranked season in the highest rank.

        There’s a difference in whining about something that isnt there(aimbot fe.) and something that actually breaks the balance of the game(HE spam).

  3. Epic fail. I have many of the reward tanks and will skip Ranked because I can’t use them anymore

    1. Poor guy won’t be able to play easymode… 😛

      If you actually have those tanks and are not just a troll full of hot air, you’ll do well with techtree tanks too.

    2. I will translate in good olenglish:fuck you wg, I dont play this shit anymoar coz I can`t use and abuse my OP shitcans won by rigging this shitgame.I will thank you for staying away from RB in the name of the rest of players, one goldspammer less around.Special snowflake ,feel free to make a quickie instead playing, just to remember that ur hand is ur best friend.

  4. No reward tanks for Ranked Battle? Now that’s fantastic indeed.
    Personally I would rather getting gold spammed by the tech tree tanks than those reward tanks like chieftain, obj 907 and 279 early.

  5. Personally I’m indifferent of banning reward tanks. I have all the reward tanks and the ranked meta is indeed toxic. I will need to seek for other tanks that suitable for ranked after they are banned.

    But the problem is not only rewards tanks but the maps. Most tanks are either situational or inflexible. And you don’t know what your teammates drive and what maps you will be in. Thus making the chieftain the best choice with it’s mobility and hull down power. Many tech tree tanks will still suffer from this after these reward tanks get banned. It’s just poor experience if you drive a light tank ended up in a city map. The progression system is another problem that has been criticized widely.

    The overall experience of ranked is something that has the downside of both random battles and clan war battles: random map, random teammates, poor cooperation, strategy overshadowing skill.

    1. Dont forget banning arties. No skill class doesnt belong in competetive mode.

  6. Credit where it’s due, it’s a good decision and one long overdue.

    Next logical step would be to nerf the problematic reward POS so they stop being cancer altogether in any game mode they play, but them getting kicked from Ranked is a good start.

  7. The HE spam from RESEARCHABLE tanks is a non issue, EVERYONE can get them. The problem with the REWARD tanks is that NOT EVERYONE can get them.
    They made a good decision to make it fair. Not Donkey proof.
    Seems that no matter what people will complain.

  8. All can get them play a f…. campaing.
    At high levels of rankings only play EBR, autoloaders and 430U.

  9. Love how they changed the part about putting more tanks in the bond shop to now just rewards. geezus we want tanks not other crap in the bond shop. No one wanted the improved equipment and bond system wargaming put it in the game anyway so now deal with the fall out and give us tanks for bonds.

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