8 thoughts on “Sturmtiger Gameplay Videos

  1. such a noob proof event
    WG gave 55 h.p./t and 65 top speed, 55 reverse speed because bots couldn’t handle the slowness.
    The reload time, hitpoints and alpha dmg is a big joke aswell.
    The event should be about 1 shots but nooooo, lets deal 7000dmg into a 10000hp target, wow….
    I hope the 200wn8 bots will enjoy the 0.1m dispersion, now maybe they will be able to hit their target.

    WG’s event and main motto: “make wot even more noob proof”

    1. Imagine being such a bellend that you cry about an event that is supposed to be fun for everyone which gives the players a cool and fun tool to play with.

    2. Yep, thats how it nowadays goes… people are lazy, they want have quick fun and emotions, are very aggressive and compulsive, cant handle stress… they want EBRs…. they dont want to think deeper… this is 95% population… for them is this event engineered 😉

    3. Stop crying kid, and get life. There will always be more noobs in this game than unicorns.
      Nut up or shut up.

      1. bot commando arrived huh?
        enjoy your game mode, it’s not for the elite anyways

  2. They are so cute!
    If only this game was about historical tanks instead of completely made up OBJ’s and yolo clown cars

    Also, why give them those ugly circus colors, when theres a giant red sqaure over the tanks telling you whos your enemy and there’s also no friendly fire?

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