3 thoughts on “WoT – Our Story: Act 2 Episode 8

  1. Player who researched FV183 could keep it in the garage, but players who researched WTE were simply robbed by WG and got some poor replacement they never asked for.

    Nowadays there is FV183, you can research FV4005 or you can have Foch155 with as well 6 shells autoloader and much better armor…

    Hypocrites and thieves

    1. Players who researched Type 5 are robbed. Players who researched any arty are also robbed. I can talk about this for all day long. And players who complains about their WTE removed usually dreams its return in a gold auction in black market. They just want these brainless overpowered clickers. Like those who pay to get obj 279e. I have all above tanks I talked about. And I know exactly why they deserve the nerfs. I suppose you know all TDs were somehow nerfed including FV183 and Foch155. Before WTE was removed it was nerfed almost every single patch. Yeah probably none of WTE owners asked for it’s removal. And those who doomed by WTE wouldn’t agree.

    2. Gotta love people who go with a narrative that leaves out facts. With that said here are some facts. The Waffentrager is the only tank in the game’s history that was nerfed twice and still considered to be OP…FACT. The Waffentrager was long before WG introduced the legacy tier 10 policy for removed tier 10 tanks including the 183, 155, 215b, 113, T62a, and 30B…FACT!. Lastly the Waffentrager was mostly played by shit players who did nothing but dump their clip and wipe out 2 tier 8s or the entirety of a tier 9 or 10 which isn’t fun at all…FACT!.

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