„Clash” June Twitch Prime Package Contents

  1. Chrysler K rental + 100% crew and the ability to redeem it at a discount.
  2. T-54 first model rental + 100% crew and the ability to redeem it at a discount.
  3. Unique Big Decal
  4. Special inscription
  5. x5 victory experience bonus
  6. Updated medal
  7. Premium account days
  8. Equipment, blueprints, monthly bonus, King Tiger (captured).

16 thoughts on “„Clash” June Twitch Prime Package Contents

  1. Em on twitchprime.com page its updated it also include t34-85M and only 1 day of premium not days andd onlyy 10x 5x for victory + some three “breathtaking” decals 🙂

  2. Em on twitchprime.com page its updated it also include t34-85M and only 1 day of premium not days 🙂

  3. No more cammo & special crew member. Now twitch prime is almost useles for veteran players..

  4. You’re so pathetic. You get something for FREE, and you whine about it.

        1. Joe mate

          do you actually have a CLUE what the ‘f’__k your talking about?

          it needs an active paid up £7.99 a month Amazon Prime account ~ linked to Wargame ~ linked to Twitch > owned by Amazon

          please do EXPLAIN how without the £7.99 a month YOU that’s YOU buddy get it for free?
          please do tell im all ears ……..?

          you come over as a Troll who is a bit well ‘thick’ in the head

          1. Stalin dude vpn extension into chrome than incognito mode active vpn set it to germany go to twitchprime.com from there it redirect you to create amazon acc so create one after create acc NOT ADD NUMBER YET than go to fake-it.ws find germany fake bank details copy bin and bic on ammazon payment setings which is caled SEPA after you added sucesfuly fake bank details amazon prime will be active after that create twitch acc link it with you newly created amazon acc after that this will redirect you to twitch prime page activation it will show you a fail you need to put number so cick on add number than go to find smsm free receive services via google and add one of those numbers to account (number must be austria one germany or netherlands) after this you will receive activation code on that site with that number you will copy code paste it into amazon done now you can refresh page where twtch askin you for add number,after you refresh page like 2 3 times its done you have twitch prime account for month you can take whatever loot you want.. sorry for my engl iam czechian but on yotube there are some tutorials

              1. Well, it is not really stealing, because it is not gone/you dont take it from anyone.

                When you ask a family member to create an account in its name, then it is not stealing either.

  5. Have checked, it will be available in about 3 hour. At least according to my twitch prime page.

  6. Wargame has almost killed off and badly Twitch Prime package into a smelly turd of what it used to be

    2 Premium Tanks = Premium Shop sales = Wargame €€€€
    its another form of WOT Premium Shop but now called Twitch Prime ~ surprise!

    (Capture King Tiger is now almost a year old so hardly ‘new’ is it anymore, or ‘Free’ (big loll’s

    all the rest is useless cheap Crap compared to what it used to be before its 12 months with Twitch were up & since renewed into this garbage

    Just another thing Wargame has as usual ‘F–cked up …. for reasons called €€€ in its own pocket

    1. If your to dump to figure it out. To bad for you. Stop crying like a kid.
      You think I’m just going to spill all my secrets out to the world.
      Nut up or shut up. English muffin.
      End of line.

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