WoWS ST 0.9.6, sound improvements

Source: WoWS Devblog

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Any showcased features may or may not end up on the main server.

In 0.9.6 we’ve updated the sound engine and audio parameters in our game:

  • Sound quality was improved on all quality settings.
  • Sound quality was improved in multi-channel sound systems (5.1, 7.1 and others).
  • Engine sounds of ships were updated. Besides, they are now divided into 2 types – steam turbine and diesel. Each engine type will have its own distinctive sound.
  • Plane engine sounds were updated.
  • The environmental sounds in the “Ultra” settings were reworked.
  • The “SFX volume” slider was removed form audio settings. Before the change, the slider was used to control all non-musical effects except for voice, thus duplicating all other sliders located in the right corner of the audio settings tab.
  • A new “Damage volume” slider was added in the audio settings tab. It is used to control the sound of shells’ interaction with all surfaces and ships, and the effects they cause.

We’ve also added some new sound effects:

  • When planes are flying next to the camera and when a squadron is approaching the ship;
  • When turning the camera, extinguishing fires and removing floods in a binocular view mode;
  • When choosing 1/2 and 1/4 speeds, when passing speed marks, when turning on the reverse gear, and when moving full forward with the “Ultra” settings enabled.
  • The new sound effects of hitting or getting hit were added, and old ones were updated. The new effects depend on the type of hitting (ricochet, penetration, over-penetration, etc.) and on the degree of damage dealt or received.

After the release of Update 0.9.6 the players will have to go to the audio settings tab and set the values that are most comfortable for them. The best sound can be achieved at the 100% volume for each category.


One thought on “WoWS ST 0.9.6, sound improvements

  1. Feels like shit to me…. cant hear a thing
    No Engine sounds
    Radio coms are low volume
    Shots dont even make a sound.
    Cant hear whats happening in battle anymore

    Just crap!

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