WoT – Battle Pass Season 2

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Kicking off on June 11, it will feature brand-new Bounty Equipment, two new Battle Pass Core Vehicles, two fresh 3D styles and exclusive custom crew members for them, and tons of valuable in-game rewards. It’s going to get even more exciting, so be ready to showcase your skills and earn a host of sweet rewards!

Battle Pass Season 2

June 11, 2020, 13:00 UTC through September 8, 2020, 00:00 UTC

Refreshing Your Memory

The core Battle Pass gameplay mechanics remain unchanged from Season 1. Keep on fighting in Random Battles (except for Grand Battles) in Tier VI–X vehicles, perform your best, and earn Progression Points to advance through Battle Pass Stages. Your current Battle Pass Stage will be displayed on the Battle Pass medal in your Garage. Click on it to head to the Battle Pass screen where you can find information about rewards and Stages.

The number of Progression Points you earn depends on your position in your team’s post-battle ranking by XP earned. Even if your team loses or draws, you will still receive Progression Points.

Position in Your Team’s Post-Battle Ranking by XP Earned Win a battle Lose a battle / Draw
Tier VI–X vehicles M48A5 Patton TVP T 50/51 Tier VI–X vehicles M48A5 Patton TVP T 50/51
TOP 3 10 
TOP 10
The Battle Pass progression system will consist of two parts: Main and Elite. Each part consists of a fixed number of Stages: 45 in the Main and 100 in the Elite. To advance one Stage in the Main Progression, you need to earn 50 points. With each completed Stage, you’ll earn valuable in-game rewards.

For more detailed information on the Battle Pass mechanics and regulations, see our comprehensive guide.


New Core Vehicles

Each tank in Battle Pass has a Point Limit. The higher the tank’s tier, the higher the Limit. Once the Limit is reached, you can still play in the vehicle, but you won’t be able to earn more Progression Points, so you’ll need to choose another tank if you wish to continue earning them.

Each Battle Pass Season features several tanks with Core Vehicle status. They have special rules for obtaining Progression Points, as well as increased Limits. Season 2 will have two new Battle Pass Core Vehicles: the  X M48A5 Patton  (a Tier X American medium tank) and the  X TVP T 50/51  (a Tier X Czechoslovakian medium tank). In addition, the same rules will apply to the  VII King Tiger (Captured) , a powerful Tier VII American heavy tank. It will earn the same number of Progression Points as a Tier X tank.

The TVP T 50/51 and the M48A5 Patton have a higher point limit compared to other Tier X vehicles. The limit for these vehicles is 300 points more.
Tier Point Limit Bonus Points for Reaching the Limit
VI 100  15 
VII 250  20 
VIII 400  25 
IX 550  30 
X 700  35 
King Tiger (Captured) 700  25 
M48A5 Patton / TVP T 50/51 1,000  35 

Redeem Your Rewards!

Season 2 offers heaps of in-game rewards that you’ll earn for reaching each new Main Progression Stage. You can get your hands on days of WoT Premium Account, credits, blueprint fragments, unique 2D customizations, projection decals, and more. But the most valuable prizes of the Season are:

  • Two brand-new types of Bounty Equipment:

Bounty Optics

Bounty Stabilizer

  • Up to two smashing 3D styles for this Season’s Battle Pass Core Vehicles
  • For one of the Core Vehicles, a unique custom crew member with Brothers in Arms (as a zero perk) and enough XP to learn two more perks/skills. The crew member’s nationality can’t be changed. You can recruit the crew member in the Barracks in the New Recruits section.

To redeem the 3D styles and a custom crew member, vote for the tank you prefer in the game client.

If you complete the Main Progression but don’t claim your rewards by the end of Season 2, you will be credited with the style and commander for the TVP T 50/51 within a year.

You can find a list of all the rewards for all Stages on the Battle Pass screen in your Garage.

After the end of Season 2:

  • The tank team that won the vote will receive a one-week special x2 Battle XP repeatable mission for all Tier IV–X vehicles in the Garage.
  • The second-place team will receive a one-week special x2 Crew XP repeatable mission for all Tier IV–X vehicles in the Garage.

Both Core Vehicles and their brave commanders will be the main characters in a series of illustrated stories about their escapades, which will be released during the event. Great challenges and unexpected events await our heroes, so stay tuned!

Elite Progression

After completing all 45 Main Progression Stages, you can continue your victorious tanking journey by embarking on the 100 Stages of the Elite Progression. It is available regardless of whether or not an Improved Pass is purchased.

In addition to bonds, the Elite Progression will reward you with cool projection decals.

After completing the first Elite Progression Stage, you will be rewarded with an Elite Chevron that you can apply as a mark of glory and mastery.

Improved Pass

You can purchase an Improved Pass at any Stage of the event on the Battle Pass screen in your Garage and instantly receive the additional Improved Rewards, even for Stages you have already completed.

During the first two months of the Season, you can buy a fixed package containing a maximum of 20 Stages. The fewer Stages remaining until the completion of the Main Progression, the smaller the number of Stages in the package and, accordingly, the lower its cost.

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