How to Grind Credits Easily (ASIA/NA)

Thanks to RagnarokBazil for the idea and battle result screen.

I suppose you already know about the South American/Australian servers. You can use them to play matches with bots and have an easier time making credits at low tiers than at higher tiers. It’s even possible to survive 100 battles in a row, since most battles with bots are basically 1v1s.

You can make tier 8 credits at tier 5 and make tier 5 credits at tier 2. That nets you 90k to 125k per battle with a premium account. With a credit booster you’re looking at 200k even. With a tier 5 premium on the ASIA server you almost always get top tier too. The bots only shoot premium ammo at tier 4 and 5; so tier 3 and below, if they can’t pen, they will shoot only HE and they can’t hurt you at all. Bots show up at only tier 1 to 5 if the player count is low. You can make 1 million credits in under 10 battles with a premium account. You can skip tiers with this tactic as tank rewards missions are counted at tiers 1 to 5.

The best tanks for doing this are Panzer V/IV, Churchill III, T-14, M4 Improved, Excelsior.

27 thoughts on “How to Grind Credits Easily (ASIA/NA)

  1. “You can make tier 8 credits at tier 5 and make tier 5 credits at tier 2. That nets you 90k to 125k per battle with a premium account.”

    “You can make 1 million credits in under 10 battles with a premium account.”

    Illustration shows a tier 5 premium tank making 65k credits with premium account. Nice bait article.

    1. Its no bait as im the one who put the time into grinding it all.. If you score say 3.8 to 3.9k damage a game.. You can get 100k a battle.. Which is easier then you think when your fighting bots. Without a premium account 1 mill takes 20 battles when you hit the same results. He used the wrong screenie lol the correct one should be replaced ASAP.

  2. I’d sooner play something else than grind bots tbh.

    1. Ehh decided to do some experimental stuff.. and was bored enough to do it.. for one it felt so relaxing.. and your not ripping your hair out because teams aren’t shit, and the bots aren’t dumb enough to be worthless window lickers..

  3. Feels kinda cheaty compared to playing on EU or RU.
    I think they should atleast half the XP and Credits you get for doing damage to a Bot, like it’s done in in other games.

    Thanks for showing this issue tho.

    1. I don’t see it as an issue since wargaming cant nerf premium tanks. cause we all know what happens if they even ninja nerf something.

      1. That’s why I said nerf the income you gain from killing Bots.

        NOT the premium tank.

    2. That’s difficult in terms of programming, aka costs WG more without actual improvements. Guess they won’t do so.

      1. You might think the game is about the gameplay, but in reality it’s about the economy. The gameplay is there only to keep the economy going forward. This in itself is nothing bad, of course. That’s just how games work. But when you realize where the priorities are for the game company, you will know they will be trying to fix it in their favor, even if it means additional costs and compromises elsewhere.

        1. Yeah I know it’s about the economy. But since the more people exploiting the system this way, the less bots in lower tiers. I can see many are doing so and bots are vanishing. It’s not going to have a significant impact on the system overall. That’s what I mean the improvements are minor. The bots are already compromises on smaller server. A system to fix that would be compromise over compromise. I guess the impact on economy is already considered a cost of adding bots. Solutions shouldn’t create more problems. Or they would simply remove the bots.

  4. Just can’t wait till EU server player base number drop to the same point to have these ON.

    It will come one day…

    p.s. I’m just here still playing to see the end of WG and WOT…

    1. Bots will come to EU. Don’t take this bs article seriously though.

  5. Im going to report this and get this banned!
    People call me a a bot !

  6. Thanks for the article. I’ve noticed completing some missions is easier on the SA server against bots, but never considered credit generation.

  7. I just had a game on SA server.

    Hardly any bots and most teams are made up of Churchills and T14s.

    Easy days are over.

  8. and now everyone from the NA server will flood Tier 5 of the South American server and then come to complain it does not work

    fr those I will leave 2 hints

    1) low player count

    2) bot filled matches

    if you are not getting any of those try play at a later hour when there are less players online

  9. Thanks for the Guide!

    Although this might cause an issue cause everyone will now have the same idea.

  10. if you play at 24:00 – 26:00 I can guarantee there is no one, literally no one

    Always nice to see someone encouraging running bots to earn credits

    Sick of this

    1. 26:00? you live in Mars or something?
      here on earth the days only have 24 hours

      or maybe you aren’t from this planet……………..

  11. Its not totally accurate, yea you can make a lot of credits and a lot of damage but even in a great battle compared to a great battle of tier 8 you will make less credits.
    Yea you have the advantage of a lot of bots, easy to shoot, but that does not make the tank make more credits it self.
    So yea, probably more damage, make more credits than before. but not as tier 8 premium

  12. “I don’t see it as an issue since wargaming cant nerf premium tanks. cause we all know what happens if they even ninja nerf something”.

    My Kv5, Lowe, Type 59, and many other PREMIUM TANKS say hi, they ALL got nerfed, often re-buffed after years of suffering by its poor owners.

    I created the terms ninja to mean unannounced, hidden, kept from public knowledge, this becomes never acknowledged by all.

    So two things wrong with this statement:

    one, if its ninja nerfed, its unproven however generally accepted by those who know their tanks well, as there is no proof in the changes showing to hard stats, ergo a ninja nerf is never accepted by ALL.

    and two, NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens when WG ninja nerf something. A sprinkling of true peoples heroes will stand up and make statements in various forums, to no effect.

    Anyone remember the Super Pershing???.

    The statement that premium vehicles can’t be nerfed in WGverse needs to stop.

    It’s false and perpetuates myth, at a time when we need truth, honesty and integrity from our beloved game developers.

    Now lets debate upon the term “rebalancing due to powercreep”.

  13. I play on the Asian server. The bots are not easy they have improved over time and spam gold like crazy if they fail to pen you with the first shot or two they play at the level of a 48-49% player.. Even at low population times the team only had a handful of bots as everyone is playing T14’s, KV-220, CIII etc… I am a 57% player at high tiers and usually over 65% at low tiers and even with my aggressive play getting over 2K damage is not consistent.

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