One thought on “T-34-3 Available on EU

  1. Whats next,the amazing CDC?…

    So funny how WG turns half of their premiums (and tech tree) tanks into trash, and then wants people to buy (or grind) this trash…..:)

    Im just sorry for all the (noob) victims buying the trash premiums,because they believe WG’s amazing descriptions of tanks.
    I still remember the CDC’s description from last year, to a new inexperienced player it sounded like selling the equivalent of a tier 8 Leopard 1,when in reality what all the victims bought, was a big fat french cardboard turd, with a straw on it, lmfao.
    When everything else fails to convince the few thinking customers,they sell “collectors” vehicles🤨😁🥳
    I am convinced that WG’s marketing department, can sell ice cubes to an eskimo…..(only once though………)

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