Supertest: CS 52 (Initial Stats)

A vehicle from an all-new Polish branch is to enter the Supertest soon: the CS 52, a Tier VIII medium tank.

The newcomer’s 105-mm gun deals an average of 320 damage points with a single shot. It is able to pierce 208 mm of enemy armor with a basic shell and 252 mm with a special APCR round. The Pole’s gun takes 10.5 seconds to load and 2.3 seconds to aim, and has an accuracy of 0.36.

The view range of the CS 52 is 380 m.

The armor is up to 190 mm thick at the front of the turret; the upper glacis plate of the hull has 80 mm of steel with an HP pool of 1,300 points. The maximum speed of the tank is 50 km/h, and its specific power is 17 hp per tonne.

Overall, the CS 52 is much like the T-44 and the T-54 which are very well known to the players. The Pole is a classic medium tank with a well-rounded gun, good dynamics and decent survivability. It is able to handle a broad range of tasks, joining in the attack of other medium tanks or helping the heavies to defend if necessary.

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8 thoughts on “Supertest: CS 52 (Initial Stats)

  1. 320 alpha for a 10.5 second reload is garbage and its mobility seems to be a bit gimped too . It seems to be more of a heavium than a medium.

    1. 1830 dpm not worst not the best. quite normal.
      lost mobility for armor.
      maybe more or less balanced instead of op.

      1. Lost mobility for armor that won’t work = shit . OP well i can assure you it won’t be anywhere near that

  2. Mybe this will be the the medium Tier 8 premium wg was talking about.

  3. A clumsier Lansen C that won’t get insta-gibbed by HE shells.

    Ehh, it will probably be fine. Not great or terrible, just “fine”.

  4. I think it is funny how they spent the whole video talking about “good gun depression” and then we get things like -8º and below, although I honestly don’t think it would be physically possible to have more than 5º of depression with such low turrets

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