WoT 3D Armor Viewer for iOS/Android

A reader emailed us, informing that there is an android knowledge base for WoT which allows you to view all tanks in game with their parameters, 3D armor and so on. Not long ago it was released for iOS (without 3D, but this will change soon) and the whole app works offline.

6 thoughts on “WoT 3D Armor Viewer for iOS/Android

    1. This^

      The app has been out there for a VERY long time. Kinda weirs that not many people knew about it

  1. Looking forward to give away my personal info and details of my communication to creator of the app 😀

    1. Yeah. Beware. This app is giving away way too much private information. And I wonder what’s the purpose of that.

  2. Speaking of viewing models, Armor Inspector is much better than this one.

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