„Kampfgruppe Becken” 3D Style (for E 75 TS) Pictures

It can be bought on the RU server.

Non-historical, can only be applied to the E 75 TS. Priced at 4000 gold. Description:

“Kampfgruppe” Becken “- After reaching the front, the tank was incorporated into Becken Kampfgruppe, where it was modernized to survive the attacks of the enemy’s aviation. The vehicle was equipped with side shields at the top of the fuselage, improved anti-aircraft guns and enlarged fuel tanks, as its engine was a real fuel eater. Another significant improvement was the tactical bowl, in which the water was heated with heat from the exhaust pipe, which made it an integral part of the crew’s life.

11 thoughts on “„Kampfgruppe Becken” 3D Style (for E 75 TS) Pictures

  1. I have to say, the exhaust on the back of E75 TS reminds me of a diaper. I don’t know why…

    I was hoping this style may change it… Apparently not…. no money for WG then…

  2. The model looks cool. But why is the turret and hull colored differently?? it spoils the whole image and looks ugly. The same with grillle 15 skin – it would look cool if the hull wasn’t red for some stupid reason. Looks like someone picked 2 random paints from the customization tab and spat it on the tank. Let it be either desert color either red but red is still ugly, then don’t use red at all, not that hard :((

    1. Towards the end of ww2 german vehicle manufacturers were running out of camo colours and would only paint the parts the make in anti-oxide red paint. Seeing as most AFVs in Germany had components made in different places it makes perfect sense for the turret to have some base colour

    1. That’s the “Notek” rear light, which was used for movements in the night. So this is actually historical (for once).

    2. Notek tail light

      “A following vehicle would be able to determine distance by the appearance of the green lights. At between 80 and 100 feet (the correct following distance) the lights would appear to be two lights. If you see four lights you’re too close, and one light you’re too far.”

  3. shouldn’t it be Kampfgruppe Becker instead of Becken? or did WG find an old German napkin blueprint of a whole new Kampfgruppe?

    1. I think so too, as I’ve read the E-100, Maus, Vk 7201K, and Jagdpanzer E-100 3d style lore they might be in the same battle group

  4. wtf why only on RU server. WG always complains they dont get enough people buying there camos styles and whatever but then they turn around and only put them on one server geez i wonder why they not selling .

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