WoWS ST 0.9.5, balance changes to German Battleship Odin

Odin combines all the best features of German Battleships: good secondary armament, torpedoes, and strong, reliable armor. These positives are balanced out by a lower amount of HP and a relatively low caliber. Of course – as a battleship – one of the main threats Odin can potentially face is a torpedo attack. However, this threat is all but neutralized by her Hydroacoustic Search consumable – another brand feature of German Battleships

In spite of her main gun caliber, Odin is not held back by the traditionally mediocre German battleship accuracy. On top of that, she enjoys good ballistics, a fast rate of fire, decent concealment, and capable AA. She can effectively fight against cruisers at any range, and she’s pretty strong in close combat, too.

While playing against ships of Tiers IX – X, Odin’s gameplay changes: instead of leading aggressive pushes – which can be justified against Tier VI-VIII enemies – the battleship can instead switch to a safer strategy and take full advantage of her accurate guns.

From a balance point of view, her performance stats proved to be too high: both average and skillful players showed performance that far exceeded other Tier VIII battleships they played.

Moreover, we should take into account that the general efficiency of ships usually grows after their release. The reason for it is the following: on test ships, players tend to take more risks and the enemies are always happy to focus the new ship to test her strength.

Our goal with Odin, as with any other ship, is to create interesting gameplay while keeping her balanced with other ships in the game. Furthermore, Odin is a premium ship, which means that a situation where it would need nerfs after release is highly undesirable.

With all that in mind, we are applying these final changes to the ship: strengthening her AA and Secondary Armament, but increasing main battery reload time. We do it in the best interest of the game as we want to keep Odin interesting and dynamic, but at the same time we don’t want to have her power creep other battleships.

  • Main battery reload time increased from 20 to 23 sec.
  • Secondary battery firing range increased from 7.5 to 7.7 km.
  • Secondary battery 128 mm reload time reduced from 3.6 to 3.4 sec.
  • Secondary battery 150 mm reload time reduced from 7.5 to 7.0 sec.
  • Continuous AA damage increased from 249 to 258;
    • Damage by Medium-Range AA guns reduced from 336 to 333;
    • Damage by Long-Range AA guns increased from 249 to 258.

Before Odin becomes available for everyone, we will release a small update with these final settings (estimated time: June 2) so that our Community Contributors will be able to make their final reviews and showcase what Odin’s got to offer.

Source: WoWS Devblog

6 thoughts on “WoWS ST 0.9.5, balance changes to German Battleship Odin

  1. They are actually listening to the critique about the last (failed) attempt to balance the Odin and reinstate her a secondary ability. Huh. That is unexpected, after all the nerfs that were specifically at that ability. I can’t help but trying to find the hair in the soup though…

    1. Hardly a buff.

      Loosing 3 sek reload on the main guns for a mere 200m sec. range and 0,2 / 0,5 sec faster reload of the sec. guns.
      And the AA change won’t be noticeable at all.
      They want you to brawl with the secondaries changes but it still suffers because of the low HP pool and has now 3 sec longer reload on the MA.
      Rather a further nerf then a buff in my book.

  2. “From a balance point of view, her performance stats proved to be too high…”

    If i look at the stats and the CC vids its hard to believe that…

  3. Its simple, if its too weak, don’t buy it, and WG will get the message.

    Russians still get ptsd when the word boycott is mentioned.

    To say one of its strengths is a fast reload, and then nerf and already 20 second reload to 23 seconds, when even 20 seconds will get completely smashed by INCREDIBLE GOD TIER RUSSIAN cruisers like Chapeyev.

    It will feel like chappy is firing on you 10 times per 1 reload an odin gets.

    And this is where the russian god tier ships win. GG.

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