8 thoughts on “Supertest: Ruinberg, Cliff, Prokhorovka Changes Video

  1. new maps? nope.
    reworked, 1000y old maps? who cares.

    bring new maps! ..and not one for the next 5 decades.

  2. why is it, that everytime I read an article on this website, someone is always complaining?

    1. Because most of the articles are related to Wargaming who have no idea how to properly work on the game they’ve created. So much wasted potential, it’s almost unimaginable…

      1. Then a quistion here for you the game exist 10 years still has more then 3 milloin players dont think they did that bad

        1. I never said that they are completely clueless, nor did I try to take away their achievements but more and more frequently they are coming up with questionable or plain stupid decisions, like they don’t know what to do with their previous success.

        2. There have always been products on the market that have been managed in questionable manners, but are still successful. Products that have had a lot more potential in them, if managed a bit differently.

          That WoT has existed for ~10 years, does not mean WG has managed it in the best possible ways.
          A lack of PROPER competition in the market is also to blame, there is non. So players stick to the only choice there is and the more they get invested the more they stick around even is they feel negative towards certain aspects.

          Like content balancing (upcoming, new and old content throughout all tiers)
          This aspect could have been handled so much more progressive instead of conservative.

          The “for profit” doctrine that can clearly be seen at WG, should have taken more of a backseat cause it leads to un-balanced content over time. As can be seen in current day WoT.

          This leads to players who value aspects such as good game balance to become irritated as time goes on and nothing meaningfully changes while the power gaps do increase within the content.

          So players called WG out in this, first in a much more positive way with good written arguments…then nothing changed rinse and repeat…after a while the arguments and tone start deteriorating to negativity because players get fed up.

    2. Because no one comes to an external blog to compliment. Most guys here were probably banned on the forum for being fucking rude. Further its easier to project their own failing onto WG.

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