9 thoughts on “WoT – Developer Diaries Online: Equipment 2.0

  1. I was affraid they will screw up but it’s fine.
    I can retain my loadout on all tanks since i know what i am doing with equipment.

  2. I really like the idea of what they’re going for here. We’ll have to see the actual execution, but the current equipment system right now is kinda stupid if you think about it. It is HARDCORE P2W at bottom tiers where equipment is super expensive and none of the new players can afford it, and also most of the equipment in the game is completely worthless. How often do you use equipment that isn’t rammer/vents/optics/vstabs/binocs? How many of you even remembered that additional grousers were even a thing in the game>?

  3. this will work only if they give us 6 equipment slots, because i will not use anything other than rammer vents/optics and vstabs. who in the right mind will mount those useless things ?

    1. Because not every tank will take a rammer anymore, and vstabs has itself been split into two separate pieces of equipment.

      1. what tank will not take a rammer, except autoloaders ? and they didn’t change the vstabs. there will be 2 types of vstabs, for tier 5-7 and for tier 8-10.

        1. Unless I read this wrong, rammers will only be for a “firepower” equipment slot, and not ever tank is going to get one of those, and v-stabs looks like its getting split into a piece of equipment that reduces gun bloom while moving, and a separate equipment that reduces gun bloom during turret rotation.

          …unless I’m mistaken and vstabs doesn’t do anything to turret rotation right now.

          1. nope, vstab is still the same. you can’t mount it on tds or lower tier, like before

          2. OMG Rubberboas you are complete wrong, read once more the article and watch the video once again and dont make panic… You wrote utter misleadin things…

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