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Equipment in World of Tanks has been around for years. Although our game is constantly evolving, equipment has only undergone some slight adjustments and minor changes.

It’s high time to rethink our vision of this fundamental feature by updating and making it more interesting, yet simpler and more attractive at the same time, especially for novices. Starting from June 2, you’ll have the opportunity to try out the reworked Equipment 2.0 system during open testing on the Sandbox server while earning days of WoT Premium Account for your active participation. The test client will be available for preloading starting from June 1, 13:00 UTC. Join the test and share your feedback!


All players registered prior to May 19, 20:59 UTC can participate in the test.

Equipment 2.0 Sandbox Test

June 2, 14:00 UTC through June 9, 14:00 UTC

Please note that the Equipment 2.0 concept that you will experience on the Sandbox server is just an experiment to test the viability of our ideas. All proposed changes may not make it to the final iteration, or they may be released in a reworked format. We want to share our suggestions and possible adjustments with you so that we can collect your feedback and opinions.

Sandbox is designed to develop collaborative solutions with our players, so testing any features on this platform doesn’t mean that they will be introduced into the game.

Equipment in World of Tanks: Current State of Affairs

Just to be clear, let’s start off with the key reasons for reworking equipment. Most of you have probably encountered the following issues with the current system:

  1. Lack of variety and limited choice. Most players use only a few of the most popular types of equipment. These include Gun Rammers, Ventilation and Gun Laying Drives, Camouflage Nets, Coated Optics, Binocular Telescopes, and Vertical Stabilizers. Other types of equipment (Enhanced Suspension, Additional Grousers, etc.) are in less demand and are almost never used. We want to make the choice of equipment more diverse so you can base it on your individual playstyle.
  2. Several versions of the same type of equipment exist—Enhanced Suspensions, Gun Rammers, etc. All of them are designed to improve the same combat parameter, and the difference in cost between these modifications is insignificant, which may confuse players, especially newcomers.
  3. Limited variability of equipment configurations, regardless of vehicle class. In fact, most players mount 3 basic combinations using the most popular types of equipment. A classic example is mounting a Vertical Stabilizer, Ventilation, and a Gun Rammer. Even though other configurations can be mounted, this almost never occurs.
  4. Equipment costs do not adapt to vehicles of different tiers. For example, most pieces of equipment are relatively expensive for low-tier tanks, while it is more affordable for top-tier machines. As a result, at low tiers, the cost of a set of equipment typically exceeds the cost of a specific tank.
  5. There are many types of equipment to improve firepower, but few to enhance other performance characteristics, such as mobility. As a result, some vehicle classes (light or medium tanks) cannot improve their key combat parameters.

What Do We Want to Do?

All of the above aspects are closely interconnected, so we want to offer you a comprehensive and detailed concept for testing of the reworked equipment on Sandbox. Our top priorities are:

  • Simplify the choice and use of all equipment.
  • Increase its diversity, including various modifications used by players.
  • Make equipment cost more affordable for low and medium tiers.

As such, we are going to share the following suggestions and possible mechanics.

Changing the Number of Slots Available

The number of available equipment slots will depend on the vehicle tier. For example, Tier I vehicles don’t have any slots for equipment, consumables, or directives.

From Tier II to Tier IV, the number of available slots will gradually increase before capping out at Tier IV with three slots for equipment and consumables. Then there will be one slot added for directives at Tier V. Vehicles at Tier V and higher won’t see any changes to the number of slots.

The new system will help beginners master these mechanics faster and more easily. It will also make the game more enjoyable, while preventing experienced players with a large number of different types of equipment from entering low-tier battles with a competitive advantage over others.

Introducing Categories for Slots and Equipment

In the new system we aim to introduce, equipment is divided into special categories and can be mounted in any available vehicle slots. There will be four categories:

  1. Firepower
  2. Survivability
  3. Mobility
  4. Scouting

Each type of equipment will be assigned to the category that it affects, so it will be easy to categorize all pieces of equipment that exist in the game. For example, a Gun Rammer improves reload time, so it belongs to the category of firepower. The only exception is Ventilation, which will be included in three categories at the same time since it improves all characteristics, except for survivability.

We’re taking this step to make it easier for you to navigate the variety of equipment and to implement new mechanics for assigning equipment to slots. There will be special places on the vehicle panel for mounting equipment and, of course, the new system will allow you to create plenty of different equipment setups.

According to our concept, the number of slots and categories available will depend on the vehicle tier. For example, Tier VIII–X vehicles will have two categories (one for the first slot, one for the second), Tier VI–VII tanks have one category for the first slot. All vehicles Tier V and lower will have slots without categories assigned.

If the equipment’s category corresponds to the category of the slot in which it is placed, then the equipment will provide an increased bonus to your vehicle. If the categories don’t match, or the slot doesn’t have a category, then the equipment will not receive the bonus. However, any equipment compatible with a specific tank can be installed in any slot, regardless of category. It’s up to you to decide where to place it. You can also move equipment between slots without any restrictions or costs.

Improved and Bounty Equipment will provide a static bonus no matter what slot they are in and won’t be assigned to any of the four categories. In addition, improved equipment will grant bigger bonuses than it currently does.

Type of Improved Equipment Current Bonus New Bonus
Venting System 7.5% 8.5%
Stabilizing Equipment System 25% 27.5%
Innovative Loading System 12.5% 13.5%
Wear-Resistant Gun Laying Drive 12.5% 13.5%
Experimental Optics 12.5% 13.5%
Extended Spare Parts Kit 40% 45%

You can still mount your usual equipment setup of Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer, and Ventilation, and if you match them with the slot categories on your vehicle, you will get a nice performance bonus! But thanks to the new system, you will have the opportunity to equip your tanks based on your individual playstyle and the role of the vehicle on the battlefield, instead of using the same setup all the time.

Additional Bonuses for Existing Equipment

Some existing equipment will receive new bonuses to become more useful in battles. Let’s take a closer look.

Type of Equipment Additional Bonus
“Wet” Ammo Rack When the ammo rack reaches 0 HP, it automatically recovers 1 HP, preventing it from detonation (once per battle). Also provides a greater current bonus and lower debuff from damaged ammo racks.
Fill Tanks with CO2 When the fuel tank reaches 0 HP, it automatically recovers 1 HP and prevents the vehicle from igniting (once per battle). Also provides a greater current bonus.
Cyclone Filter When the engine reaches 0 HP, it automatically recovers 1 HP and prevents engine damage (once per battle). Also provides a greater current bonus, lower chance of fire, and lower debuff from a damaged engine.
Enhanced Suspension Increases the load capacity and durability of the suspension, as well as the speed of its repair. Also reduces damage to the hull through the suspension when falling on it. If your suspension is repaired from its destroyed state, it’ll be repaired to full hit points.
Additional Grousers Increases hull rotation speed by 7.5% (on all terrain).

Increases acceleration by 7.5% (on all terrain).

This bonus will be available for all vehicles Tier II and higher.

New Types of Equipment

To make equipment more diverse, we aim to add several new types while also revising the bonuses provided by existing ones. Here’s a list of some of the new equipment we would like to introduce to the game if its testing on Sandbox is successful.

Type of Equipment Bonus Availability
Improved Aiming Unit


Reduces gun dispersion by 5% All Tier II and higher vehicles
Gun Traverse Amplifier

Increases turret traverse speed (if the vehicle has a turret) by 20% All Tier VIII and higher light, medium, and heavy tanks
Improved Consumables

Reduces consumable cooldown time by 30 seconds All Tier V and higher vehicles
Improved Tank Helmets

Reduces stun time by 25%, the negative stun effect by 30%, and the second stun time by 25% All Tier V and higher vehicles
Improved Hardening

Increases tank HP by 5% All Tier VIII and higher tank destroyers and medium and heavy tanks
Module Protection

Increases HP of all modules (internal and external) by 30% All Tier VIII and higher tank destroyers and light, medium, and heavy tanks
Improved Rotation Mechanism

Reduces the effect of hull rotation on gun dispersion by 15% All Tier V and higher tank destroyers and SPGs
Improved Onboard Gearboxes

Increases stationary turning speed by 5% All Tier V and higher tank destroyers and heavy tanks
Improved Main Transmission

Increases turning speed on the move by 12% All Tier V and higher light and medium tanks
Additional Forward Transmission

Increases maximum forward speed by 5% All Tier VIII and higher vehicles
Additional Reverse Transmission

Increases maximum backward speed by 3% All Tier VIII and higher vehicles

Increases engine power by 10% All Tier II and higher vehicles
Low Noise Exhaust System

Increases the concealment of the vehicle, both stationary and moving All Tier II and higher light, medium, and heavy tanks
Improved Radio Set

Increases enemy spotting time by 2 seconds All Tier VIII and higher light and medium tanks
Jamming Device

Reduces player’s spotting time by 2 seconds All Tier VIII and higher tank destroyers and light tanks
Experimental Powder

Increases tank concealment after firing by 10% All Tier V and higher vehicles
Commander’s Vision System

Reduces the enemy’s concealment by foliage upon spotting by 10% All Tier VIII and higher light tanks
Panoramic Triplex

Reduces the concealment of moving enemy vehicles upon spotting by 7.5% All Tier VIII and higher light and medium tanks

Unifying Existing Equipment

Currently, some equipment items are available in several variants, which creates some confusion when choosing the most effective items. For example, there are 21 Enhanced Suspensions in World of Tanks. All these modifications will be unified into one Enhanced Suspension for all vehicles in the game and split into three classes based on price (in total, there will be three Enhanced Suspensions). We also aim to unify the various types of Gun Rammers.

Dividing Equipment into Classes

On the Sandbox server, all equipment items (with some exceptions listed below) will be divided into three classes with different prices and vehicle tier limits.

  1. Class 3 equipment will cost up to 50,000 credits. It can be mounted on all Tier II-IV tanks and some Tier V or higher vehicles.
  2. Class 2 equipment will cost up to 300,000 credits. It can be mounted on Tier V-VII tanks and some Tier VIII or higher vehicles.
  3. Class 1 equipment will cost up to 600,000 credits. It can be mounted on Tier VIII-X tanks. New equipment will remain in approximately the same price range as it is now.

The exceptions are Camouflage Net and Vertical Stabilizer. They will have only two classes with different costs.

  • Camouflage Net will cost 50,000 credits for Tier II-IV vehicles and 100,000 credits for Tier V and higher vehicles.
  • Vertical Stabilizer Class 2 will cost 200,000 credits and can be mounted on Tier V-VII vehicles.
  • Vertical Stabilizer Class 1 will cost 600,000 credits and can be mounted on Tier VIII-X vehicles.

Only one type of equipment–Spall Liner–won’t have classes at all. It will be available in four different versions, each of which will be suitable for certain vehicles.

  • Light Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier VIII-X light tanks and tank destroyers.
  • Medium Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier V-VII heavy tanks, as well as for Tier VIII-X medium tanks and tank destroyers.
  • Heavy Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier VIII-X heavy tanks and tank destroyers weighing less than 75 tons.
  • Superheavy Spall Liner can be mounted on Tier VIII-X heavy tanks and tank destroyers weighing more than 75 tons.
Equipment class cannot be changed once purchased. You can still purchase or sell equipment, as well as demount it from the tank for 10 gold or using the Demount Kit. equipment that previously could be demounted for free can now only be demounted for gold or with the Demount Kit. Rules for the demounting of improved equipment will not change.

We have unified the entire system, and now there is only one method to remove equipment. We also want to avoid cases where an equipment item is not suitable for a specific vehicle role (for example, Camouflage Net for heavy tanks) but is only mounted because it’s possible to demount it for free. We want players to choose equipment by taking into account its bonuses and benefits for a particular tank. In addition, we’ll provide you with a number of Demount Kits to remove your old equipment for free by completing special battle missions (Sandbox battle missions are for testing purposes only and the conditions may vary upon feature release).

Associating Equipment with Vehicle Types

Some equipment can only be mounted on a specific vehicle type. For example, you’ll only be able to mount Camouflage Net on tank destroyers and self-propelled guns. We’re taking this step to better match equipment with the vehicle’s role on the battlefield.

Light tanks will receive a module with enhanced concealment, but this doesn’t mean you need to play passively and spot enemies from a certain position. New equipment will allow you to choose a specific concealment bonus that best suits your individual playstyle. For example, you will be able to choose a bonus to concealment on the move or when firing.

Thus, the association of certain equipment with specific vehicle types will help you select modules in accordance with the role of the tank on the battlefield and improve your combat performance.

Here’s the list of equipment and their associated vehicle types if Sandbox testing is successful.

Equipment Availability
Binocular Telescope All Tier II and higher tank destroyers
Coated Optics All Tier II and higher light, medium, and heavy tanks
Camouflage Net All Tier II and higher tank destroyers and SPGs
“Wet” Ammo Rack All Tier V and higher tank destroyers and light, medium, and heavy tanks
Fill Tanks with CO2 All Tier VIII and higher tank destroyers and light, medium, and heavy tanks
Cyclone Filter All Tier VIII and higher tank destroyers and light, medium, and heavy tanks
Additional Grousers All Tier II and higher tanks

Conversion Conditions

If all these changes hit the live servers, your equipment on all tanks will be converted to fit the new system in accordance with the following rules:

  • Old equipment will be replaced by new equipment, taking into account the specifics of the reworked system. For example, the Medium-Caliber Gun Rammers for tanks and SPGs will become Gun Rammer Class 2, so you can mount it on the Tier V–VII vehicles and Tier VIII–X tanks with which it was previously compatible. The Large-Caliber Gun Rammers for tanks and SPGs will become Gun Rammer Class 1 and be suitable for Tier VIII–X tanks.
  • If any equipment has already been mounted on a vehicle, then the tier of this specific tank will not be considered. For example, a Tier II vehicle with Coated Optics costing 500,000 credits, when all changes take effect, will have Coated Optics Class 1, which is designed for Tier VIII–X tanks. But this equipment will remain on the Tier II tank, and you can freely enter battle with it. If you demount this equipment, you’ll be able to mount it on any vehicle that uses this specific class of equipment. However, you won’t be able to mount it on other vehicles that use a different class of this specific equipment.
  • If any equipment was mounted on a tank for which it can no longer be used in the new system (for example, due to a different vehicle type), it will be automatically moved to the Depot and converted.
  • Moving equipment from one slot to another on the same vehicle isn’t considered demounting and therefore doesn’t require spending gold, bonds, or Demount Kits.
  • All improved equipment mounted on your vehicles will be automatically removed to the Depot.
  • In some cases, the equipment cost will increase. On the one hand, we want to take into account the interests of players who purchase new equipment. On the other hand, we also take into account the interests of commanders who already have this equipment and may want to sell it. So the new price will remain quite affordable for the widest range of commanders.
  • For vehicles that will have fewer equipment slots in the new system, on the Sandbox server, all equipment from non-existent slots will be removed to the Depot.
  • After the feature is released, each player will receive several free Demount Kits. You’ll also be able to earn more Demount Kits by completing special daily missions for a limited time.

A Helping Hand for Novices

To make the game more enjoyable for beginners, we’ll reduce equipment costs compared to the cost of vehicles for low tiers, helping them quickly master the mechanics of equipment. We aim to introduce a number of changes for Tier I–IV vehicles, which will not appear on the Sandbox server:

  • Tier I will not have equipment, consumables, or directives, but they will no longer receive damage to their modules or crew members. Only their tracks can be damaged, but they’ll be repaired fairly quickly.
  • Tier II will have one slot for equipment and consumables but won’t have directives. Just like Tier I, crew members cannot be injured or killed. Fire will deal low damage and modules can be damaged.
  • Tier III will have two slots for equipment and consumables but won’t have directives. As with Tier II, fire will deal low damage. Modules can be damaged and crew members injured.
  • Tier IV won’t have directives, but in general, Tier IV won’t change compared to its current state.
  • Tier V and higher won’t change compared to its current state in terms of module/crew damage, fire damage, or directives.

Interface Improvements

We will be updating the vehicle panel interface to make it more user-friendly, and some of the changes above will be reflected.

There will be no tank modules in the redesigned panel. Most players change the modules of their tanks immediately after researching them, so you will be able to purchase them in a special window in the tech tree. Players then rarely return to these modules, except for when they want to change the gun on their vehicle.

Instead of the Service button, the Repair button will be added. You can repair your vehicles manually or tick the box in the special auto-repair window to make this occur automatically after each battle.

The resupply of ammunition and consumables will also occur in new windows that are light, simple, and have a large font size for better readability. They will also include some useful additional information (shell velocity, etc.). The windows for selecting equipment and directives will also change significantly and become more illustrative and convenient.

Rewards for Participating in Testing

Given the high importance of this Sandbox test, we would like to reward all active commanders who will get engaged and participate in testing as a sign of our appreciation for their contribution.

Special Random Battle combat missions rewarding you with 4 days of WoT Premium Account will be available during the Equipment 2.0 test. To receive this reward, complete the missions.

Your reward for completed missions will be credited to your main account within 14 days after Sandbox testing is completed.

The final decision to implement these mechanics has not yet been made! We would like to analyze your feedback on the proposed changes, so feel free to leave all your thoughts on the forum and in a special questionnaire that will be sent via the in-game client after June 8.

Join the Equipment 2.0 Test and share your impressions, Commanders! Together we will make World of Tanks even more exciting!

The test client will be available for preloading starting from June 1, 13:00 UTC.

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  1. Okay, these changes look interesting. Looking forward to seeing how the new equipment will affect the gameplay.

  2. It looks like they borrowed the concept from WOT Blitz… which is actually good. I like their equipment system overall [except for the paying to unlock tiers part], and this seems like a further, better evolution of that.

  3. i think it is useless, i want to have rammer vents and stabs on my tanks, i would not mount any of those new things. why not give us 6 equipment slots, so we can mount in 3 slots rammer vents and stabs, and in the rest of the slots we could mount whatever they come up with ?

    1. 😀 and dont you want some golden unicorn for free as a bonus to that??? :DD

      1. dude, lough all you want, but the situation will be like before, because you need rammer for dpm, you need optics/vents for spotting and general stats, or else you will be blind like a bat, therefore frag material and you need vstabs, for gun handling and because there is 25% rng in this game, don’t forget that. you won’t see too much diversity.

    2. You can still mount whatever you have now and it is still efficient in most cases. But don’t you ever want to try the one with 10% more HP? Or something that saves the poor reverse speed of FV4005?

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        1. only 9kph reverse on shitbarn? then no, my bounty gld will stay where it is now 😀

    3. As they said, you can still do that and not care about new equipment. I for one am looking forward to the mobility and speed equipment. Really going to enjoy the diversity

      1. In some cases you can’t. For example you won’t be able mount optics on TDs. Or bino on HTs.

  4. So I can’t put Optics on my US TD’s, which play more like Mediums and Heavies than back line campers, and on which Optics get me max view range for all situations, because Wargaming thinks they should control how I play my tanks of various “types?” That kind of control might work in some places, WG, but you have no idea how free people think. Quit trying to dictate to your players, enable them.

  5. Sure. Another Proof of a russian racist game made by WG.

    Just go to their website and look at the Sandbox WOT icon made by 10 tanks… They missed one country…

    As far as I can tell, it’s either USA or CHINA that has been missed out…

    And of course the “beloved” russian is represented as IS-7 in the MIDDLE…

    Can WG be more racist???

    Sure they can, simply adding more invisible russian bias, letting RU servers wanking around as if they’ve won the cold war.

    I guess WG is ready to be in hell soon…

  6. Hello fellow tankers,
    Should you feel that Wargaming is not respecting your rights or any EU regulations e.g.
    – fully disclosing the characteristics of the digital goods a.k.a. premium tanks it is selling (dispersions, resistances, profitability etc.)
    – making unilateral changes to the game and the digital goods a.k.a. premium tanks it is selling
    – chat bans for undisclosed infractions and refusal to quote phrasing that lead to the ban
    – sequestering all paid goods and denying access to all paid goods in all its games in order to extort the player for charged-back amounts

    YOU may file a complaint with the Cyprus consumer protection here:

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