Battle Pass Season 2 Info

Season 2 will feature two new Battle Pass Core Vehicles: the  X M48A5 Patton   (a Tier X American medium tank) and the  X TVP T 50/51   (a Tier X Czechoslovakian medium tank). These high-performance steel beasts have special rules for earning Progression Points, as well as increased Limits. In addition, just like it was in the first season, you will be able to get a unique 3D style for the above-mentioned vehicles, and choose two new crew members.

9 thoughts on “Battle Pass Season 2 Info

  1. “and choose two new crew members.”..
    I thought you had to pick one of two possible crew members.. not both..

  2. I don’t really care the final rewards at all…

    I’m interested in the non-3D styles with background colours just like “Roll out” in the current battle pass wich can be applied to all vehicles.

  3. Also, I guess the commanders will be male ones again???

    So gender bias…

    Why can’t we have the option to choose the gender, hence the voice and crew skin???
    They already have the same skill bonus (if i were worng, WG can just make it the same)…

    1. The american commander is male, the czech commander is female. More detailed info about season 2 battle pass is on rykoszet info, but you need to know polish or put the site through Chrome’s Google translate feature.

    2. There is gender bias for female, as the portion of female tank crew in WoT compared to real life is about million times more skewed towards female….miss me with that bullshit

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