Fair Play Update – Banned Players

NA: In this wave for the Americas, we’ve penalized 491 accounts: 340 of these received their first warning, and 151 were banned permanently.

ASIA: In this wave, we’ve penalized 350 accounts in the Asia region. 242 of these accounts have received their first warning, and 108 have been banned permanently.

EU: In this wave, we’ve penalized 4,745 accounts in the EU region. 3,479 of these accounts have received their first warning, and 1,266 have been banned permanently.

RU: In this wave, we’ve penalized 38 670 accounts in the RU region. 26 434 of these accounts have received their first warning, and ‭‬12 236 have been banned permanently.

24 thoughts on “Fair Play Update – Banned Players

    1. I’m sure you have numbers on players using cheats.

      Most likely though, you’re one of those who cry aimbot when they get shot or ammoracked or what ever.

      1. But he is right. You can apply statistics of cheaters in fps games to wot. Read a little about statistics and you will also come to the conclusion that 1300 is nothing compared to the active player base.
        And who says that all these 1300 people used hacks? I bet the majority of these players got banned for blocking and pushing.
        But I guess you’re new to online games and don’t know much about cheating or very naive or you’re a cheater yourself. Bye

        1. How do you know how many are using cheats? You don’t, so you have no statistics.

          Blocking and pushing bans are given when they are reported, not in ban waves.

          But I guess you are so new to life that you don’t know that without any factual evidence, you shouldnt make empty claims.

          1. You’re right. There are no cheaters in wot. Keep living in your bubble. I’m not here to convince anybody. Look the numbers up urself. Google is your friend. Bye

            1. Never said there weren’t any. Learn to read and understand what you’ve read.

              Google doesnt know the number of cheaters, if it did, you’d post a link and not cowardly say “google it”.

              That only shows you have no proof and whine about cheaters because you suck. The basic tomato move.

        2. You do realize that Blocking and pushing has nothing to do with banwaves. But I guess you are new to online games

    2. Laughable attempt by some greedy cunts to make it look like they care about fair play. They can’t even give the quote of what you said that caused a chat ban.
      Unfortunately for them they must have an hq for EU in Cyprus, which has customer and consumer protection agency and you can make complaints there.

  1. Given the amount of BOTTERS in the game…… the fact you met one or SEVERAL per 8~10 game….. you can imagine how much of a drop in the bucket it truly is to ban a hand full ONCE a year (tops)

    They even admit “oh yes we found 5000 hacker but well uhh 2/3 were let go with slap on the wrist”

    Cheats dont install accidentally and of COURSE your sister had your account information, right!?

    OH F** OFF

    If you show any mercy you are just as bad.
    They just see “oh those cheaters paid for gold or got expensive ebay accounts! = those are money, those we NEED… no ban for you”

    Its the blunt truth.
    As long you are of monetary value……. you wont get banned – AT ALL…… pfff

    laughable. half assed attempts to get WG a white west
    oh such brave warriors against cheats… first post in years and even then half assed… they sure earned several medals for that<.<

    And if you still don’t believe me: just go to freaking STEAM or the other big/old F2P… just look all around how far some take security and fair play- and then look at WG and what they ‘achieved’ so far in lousy 10 years and countless millions in income across a dozen games.

    Lipservice is all they have to show for and i am sorry to say: they stutter on every sylable!

  2. Some numbers of how many % were permanent for those intrested, of course only counting the number of bans, not the entire playerbase
    NA 30,7%
    ASIA 30,8%
    EU 26,6%
    RU 31,6%
    I find it intresting how the EU is much lower, wonder if that’s good or bad, is it that there are many new cheaters or that the people banned once actually learned? Hard to tell.

  3. They only banning those which used zj aimbot or tundra on frontline,ban waves are only while frontline specialy first day.I avoiding first day and still i cheating for like 3 years? maybe 4.. Using ZJ aimbot and modpack + drwebber tundra,never get first warning.Wargaming doing theyr job very bad.

    1. I also use zj aimbot but only got 1 7 day ban almost 2 years ago…still using the same mods since then and never got banned again so they are doing very bad job but i dont complain lol

      1. Hope you enjoyng hitting EBRs while theyr on 90 kmh speed with isu or some big alfa td like me 😀 If you like your account i will stop after first warning,than you go perma.I will stop too if i receive my first 🙂

          1. Iam so scared.. What they can do? NOTHING until they start make some kind of anticheat you “genius”.Bo bo bo

  4. I was banned today for the second time as they wrote to me: for using an illegal mod …
    I got my first ban on March 10th. Back then I only had mods that were in from OldSchool ProMod + VoinSight.
    OldSkool ProMod was downloaded directly via https://wgmods.net.
    Today, when I tried to log in, I received a notification that my account was permanently banned for using the illegal mode …..
    Again, the only mode I used was OldSkool ProMod ………
    So I was banned twice for using OldSkools ProMod whose download link is officially on the WG!
    For the first ban I sent a complaint to which they did not respond, today I sent a complaint again because of this second ban.
    Gentlemen from WG, if you consider a mod illegal, then why are you promoting it on your website ????
    Today 27.05.2020 is 8 years since I started playing World of Tanks. I haven’t used illegal mods in 8 years. It seems to me that I haven’t even played WoT for 2 years because of the cheats that people use in the game ……
    And in the end I end up being banned permanently

    1. Surely you only used the legal mod like all the others that got banned…

      Whenever I had a chat with someone who got at least a 1week ban at first they said they didn’t new anything but after a short time it came out “a yeah this one mod that shows me when something on the minimap is destroyed I use it because its cool” or shit like this.

      Or often it turns out they gave their account to someone who uses such mods and than wonder why they get banned

      It is so hard to see how stupid a big part of this community is

  5. Got also temporarily banned for using mods from WGmods- site. Unfair shit in my opinion and you can’t even create a ticket so they could explain me why this happened.

  6. Sigh. It does not say “use of illegal mods” it says “fair play”. So that would include reports for Mods, pushing, toxic behavior, physics abuse, drowning, suiciding , blocking, arty baiting etc etc. I’m pretty sure the ones who came here and rage about being banned…… rage in “other places” too.

    Suck it up girls. You probably didn’t get banned for no reason.

  7. I was baned for no reason too! I will sue wagaminbg for this crime and disrespect against my honor!

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