Anniversary store: New customization elements

A collection of all customization elements that can be obtained in Act II of the event: emblems, inscriptions, and stickers.

sticker_569 It’s on fire!
sticker_570 Like on Discovery Channel
sticker_571 First Tank Company
sticker_572 First Assault
sticker_573 First Encounter
I saw a white tiger…
You’ve been spotted!
Welcome Asia and the Pacific!
Welcome North America!
Hope in the random number generator

Balance improvemements
Nerfing SPG’s
Charging IS
KV Separation
Formal armor
Houston, we had… a problem?
Cannot Gitgud
Dragon Ridge (reproduction)

2 thoughts on “Anniversary store: New customization elements

  1. Not a single thing that isn’t hideous. Seriously, does anyone value this fortnite-esq trash?

    When will WG wake up to the idea that 70%+ of the player base would rather have stuff like military insignia or variants of camo and not retarded ugly styles with pictures of the Easter bunny and heaven knows whatever the f$$$ else.

    There’s not even a decal with a skull and cross bones in the client but we have panoramic vistas of forests and sunsets to put on armoured vehicles. I’m embarrassed for WG it’s that pitiful.

    Wargaming – do some market research FFS and pay for a graphic designer.

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