TAP Update and plans for the future

I consider the pandemic that happened during the last few months a blessing, because it allowed me to take much needed time off from university (which I loathe and want to disappear from the face of the Earth) and post instead. In fact I’m kind of sad that all this isolation stuff is ending and I have to get out of the house more instead of focusing on my passions. I hoped it would last at least 5 years so I could regain my good old life back.

Lately I’ve been trying to focus on the technical side of things. The end goal is to make a living out of TAP, so I’ve applied to better ad providers these past months, and finally got approved by Monumetric. Expect the ad layout to change, I hope for the better. Try it out by turning your Adblock off for a while and remember to give feedback in the comments or mail. I strive to make the text as visible as possible, so there won’t be a big bottom bar that you have to close to see the rest of the page or a banner at the top that makes you scroll needlessly. I hope the ads won’t be too invasive. The host will be changed too during the next months, and I think I’ll use one located in the UK; mainly because most readers are from the US, Germany and Britain; France, Netherlands and Spain being not that far behind. Moreover, a theme change is still on the table in case the site will continue to be slow. All this takes time; changing the previous hosting and fixing the issues that resulted from it took more than a month, quite a scary process when you do something like this from the first time. Thank you for bearing it; Bluehost is trash.

I’ve also returned to a passion of mine which I had since before starting TAP: Bitcoin. Just at the right time I suppose, because the halving just happened. I won’t lose too much money this time… hopefully! HODL.

3 thoughts on “TAP Update and plans for the future

  1. I’m an early bitcoin adopter and I don’t think that bitcoin will ever get close to the 20k from dec 2017 again. During that time the flaws of bitcoin were revealed and showed everyone the bitcoin will never be a currency that can be used on a large/global scale.
    Add the trends of environmental protection to that and it gets clear that bitcoin has no future on this planet.
    A few people compare it to digital gold, but let’s get real: Gold has a real physical value and bitcoin has no real value at all.
    Finally there are more advanced competitors to bitcoin that will play a big role in the future. I was lucky and sold all my bitcoin at the peak. Everyone who thinks bitcoin will ever reach 20k again, or even 50k or 100k as some “experts” say is just a dreamer in my opinion.

    1. yeah, but taking in consideration the last 2 big bull runs after halvings, a 900% increase is due this time

  2. I adore TAP but, my advice, whatever you study at the university, FINISH IT!
    TAP is nice but building a living of it, is a very risky idea.
    For how many years? 20? 30?
    Things like TAP are nice as side income but nothing more.

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