WoT Anniversary – Act II. Honk for Glory!

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We’re continuing the 10th Anniversary celebration of World of Tanks by launching Act II: Conquering the World on May 18. It offers you a fresh set of Anniversary Missions to earn Anniversary Coins, more cool bundles with legendary vehicles and exclusive 2D styles, and a very special Time Warp. In honor of our game’s 10th Anniversary, we’re bringing back the unreleased feature, Horn, for one week of the Active Phase.

Act II: Conquering the World

May 18, 05:00 UTC through June 15, 05:00 UTC

The Horn

The horn is a feature that was briefly tested in the first iteration of the Update 0.7.0 Common Test in 2011. Players could have their tanks make a loud sound in battle that resembled the powerful blare of a steamship’s foghorn.

Although the horn was fun, it was useless in battle. In addition, at the time, we were concerned that it might distract players from what was happening on the battlefield. After the first iteration of the Common Test, we removed it from Update 0.7.0. The horn remained an amusing, yet unrealized, idea that only our veterans will remember.

Beep Beep! Give Way to My Tank!

For our 10th Anniversary, this wacky feature will be available for one week in all game modes, including the Global Map, during the Active Phase of Act II, from May 18, 05:00 UTC through May 25, 05:00 UTC. Its functionality will be familiar to Commanders who have played in Italian autoreloaders.

  • You can use the horn 3 times in a row or at any time interval. With each subsequent honk, the volume of the horn is reduced.
  • After several honks in a row, a cooldown occurs and the horn starts to “reload”.
  • The reloading time depends on how many times you’ve hit the horn and it will last for between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • When the reloading time is over, you can resume using the horn.

The horn sound changes depending on the weight of your vehicle. There are 3 different versions of the horn:

  • for light vehicles weighing up to 18 tons
  • for vehicles weighing from 18 to 40 tons
  • for heavy vehicles weighing more than 40 tons

What You Need to Know

Please be aware of the following features of the horn, and honk responsibly!

  • Both enemies and allies can hear your horn.
  • The honk length is fixed.
  • You can only hear the horns of spotted tanks within 200 meters of you (both enemies and allies).
  • To honk, press the «K» key. You can reassign the key in the “Disable horn” option in the Settings menu.
  • The horn will be enabled by default for all players. You can disable it in your game client settings. Once you do this, you won’t be able to hear either the horns from other Commanders or your own vehicle’s horn.

12 thoughts on “WoT Anniversary – Act II. Honk for Glory!

  1. Facepalm
    A totally forgettable thing becomes part of the anniversary event for a whole week. Jesus, this is the worst anniversary event ever conceived in the history of gaming.

  2. I believe this is just a joke… Right…? Right….? Must be!
    Seriously? That’s what we get during this second Act? WHAT THE …..

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the event supposed to be focused more on customization stuff and missions? Isn’t the honk only supposed to be a small gimmick that’d remind us of the good old days, just like the global chat? Also, as peeps were complaining about the honk being lame the way it is – wasn’t bringing back past features EXACTLY AS THEY WERE the entire idea?

    1. Maybe some of us liked the horn. No reason to be salty ffs

  4. So they’re saying this feature that did not even make it out of a common-test for one of the oldest patches is significant enough in the history of the game to bring back for one week.

    What a joke. It’s nothing but annoying, it brings nothing to the game, I give it a day before everyone turns it off. The all chat is a real throwback feature, an annoying noise that existed for about a week in the history of the game is not.

    1. Slight clutching at straws, isn’t it? Ten years, a whole decade to look back on and, so far, this… this is, err… it!

  5. I guess the yolo clown car drivers are gonna be happy. I can’t see this feature beeing annoying at all.
    They turned WOT into Rocket League

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