WoWS ST – Update 0.9.5, Unique Upgrades Update in 0.9.5

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Showcased features may or may not end up on the main server.

Combat missions and Armory upgrade

For Update 0.9.5 we’ve conducted a global update of combat missions:

  • The combat missions interface was fully updated.
  • Now Directives are located in the battle missions section.
  • The combat missions display on the post-battle screen was updated.
  • Combat missions with the “OR” condition were added: to accomplish this mission you need to complete one out of two conditions.
    • For example, earn 10,000 base XP or destroy 10 enemy ships. Completing any of these two conditions will lead to the completion of the battle mission and getting a reward. Thus, players will be able to decide which condition they like most and pick ships suitable for its completion.
  • New rewards for daily missions were added. For example, in Update 0.9.5 steel will be added in a list of rewards for daily missions in the amount of 20 per day. And in July, research points will be added there as well (for players who already have access to the Research Bureau). In total, players will be able to receive up to 1200 research points per month.

We’ve also updated the Armory:

  • Armory interface was updated
  • Navigation between sections will become easier and more comfortable.
  • Ships and camouflages available in the Armory can now be previewed in the Port.

Ranked Sprint and Clan Brawls

From June 24 to July 6, the 12th Ranked Sprint will be held in a 8 v 8 format on Tier VIII ships in the “Domination” mode.

There will also be 2 Clan Brawls:

  • On June 20, there will be the Clan Brawl #10 in a 3 v 3 format on Tier X ships without aircraft carriers, with a restriction of one battleship, cruiser and destroyer in a team.
  • On July 4, there will be the Clan Brawl #11 in a 4 v 4 format on Tier VIII ships, with a restriction of one ship of each class per team.

Maps improvements

The maps Riposte, Operation “Killer Whale”, Defense of Naval Station “Newport”, “Raptor” Rescue, Operation “Narai”, as well as the Ports of Dunkirk, Kronstadt, Designer’s Table, and Twitch Prime have been adapted for the new lighting model and enhanced HDR technology.

There were also some small enhancements in the geometry of the maps Sleeping Giant and Greece.

  • Sleeping Giant: heights and positions of islands on the right flank were changed.  Gaps between islands located at the spawn points were closed as well.
  • Greece: a lintel located inside the A cap was replaced with the mound to avoid the situation when ships of one team could get spotted while enemies remained invisible.

Content additions

Permanent camouflage “Steel” for Yamato, Des Moines, and Shimakaze will become available in the Armory. These camouflages will grant standard bonuses but will allow you to stand out from other ships in battle and demonstrate your success in competitive modes of World of Warships to everyone. Each camouflage will cost 10,000 steel.

“French Navy” camouflage was added for Kleber, as well as “Victorian White” camouflage for Goliath, “Freedom” for California, and “Nordic” camouflage for Ägir and Siegfried.

The memorable flag of Public Test Spring Season was added.

Commanders Shirakami Fubuki and Houshou Marine with special voiceovers were added due to the upcoming collaborations with Hololive.

Also, commander Leslie Violet was added to the game

The ways to obtain this content will be announced later.

In version 0.9.5 we’re beginning to update unique upgrades in our game. The concept of unique upgrades provides an optional opportunity to mount special, but balanced bonuses compared to standard upgrades.
Changes to unique upgrades are designed to balance their efficiency, but at the same time maintain a unique style for each ship.

Enhanced Armaments (X Yueyang, Slot 5):

  • Bonus which reduces main battery reload time was increased from 10 to 15%;
  • Penalty to the action time of consumables was removed;
  • Bonus which increases the action time of the “Surveillance Radar” consumable by 20% was added;
  • Bonus which increases the smoke screen dispersion time by 20% was added;
  • Bonus which reduced torpedo tubes reload time was removed.

The older version of this upgrade was unpopular because of low competitiveness with other upgrades in the slot. The new variant of the upgrade offers more aggressive gameplay with an accent on consumables and main battery instead of the concealment upgrade which involves a safe playstyle.

Heavyweight Artillery (X Khabarovsk, Slot 5):

  • The penalty which reduced main turret traverse speed was removed;
  • Bonus to the main battery firing range was increased from 8 to 10%;
  • The 20% penalty to the action time of consumables was added

Now the upgrade emphasizes even more the aggressive main battery play style, but in return with decreases the efficiency of consumables.

Enhanced Countermeasures (X Worcester, Slot 6):

  • The upgrade was moved from Slot 5 to Slot 6;
  • All bonuses to consumables action time were removed;
  • Bonus which reduces the priority AA sector reload time by 20% was added;
  • Bonus which reduces the reload time of ship’s consumables by 20% was added;
  • Bonus which inreases the number of all consumables by 1 was added.

The upgrade was moved from Slot 5 to Slot 6 thus avoiding competition with upgrades which grant bonuses to maneuverability and concealment. The new parameters of the upgrade will emphasize the ship’s role as a universal cruiser capable of completing various tasks.

Enhanced Propulsion (X Des Moines, Slot 5):

  • The upgrade was moved from Slot 6 to Slot 5;
  • Penalty to the action time of “Surveillance Radar” consumable was removed.

The upgrade was too effective. In order not to deprive the upgrade of its unique features, we moved it to Slot 5, thus putting a choice between maneuverability and concealment of the cruiser.

Increased Firing Elevation of Artillery (X Henri IV, Slot 5):

  • Bonus to the main battery reload time was reduced from 12 to 10%;
  • Bonus to the firing range reduced from +8% to +5%.

Enhanced Main Armaments (X Großer Kurfürst, Slot 6):

  • Bonus to main battery reload time was reduced from 15 to 10%;
  • Penalty to main turrets traverse speed was removed.

Enhanced Damage Control System (X Montana, Slot 5):

  • Bonus which reduces fire extinguishing time was reduced from 15 to 10%;
  • Bonus which reduces flooding recovery time was reduced from 30 to 10%.

Additional Main Battery Loader (X République, Slot 6):

  • Penalty to main turrets traverse speed was removed.

Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reload (X Shimakaze, Slot 6):

  • The penalty which reduced torpedo tubes traverse speed was reduced from 80 to 70%.

Concerning Henri IV, Großer Kurfürst, Montana, Republique, and Shimakaze, balance changes designed to compensate for the excessive or insufficient effectiveness of their unique upgrades were made.

In the following updates, we will continue working on unique upgrades for other ships.