World of Tanks Referral Program – 4th Season – More Info

On May 22, 2020, the 4th season of the 2.0 WOT Referral Program starts.

There will be 2 new tanks added to the list of ones you can pick (one for the recruiter, and one for the recruit)

The standard rules for moving to the new season:

• The 4th season will last 120 days (4 months), until September 2020. Next, 2 new tanks will be added again.
• All Commanders will receive 2 new recruit slots.
The commander (i.e. the player who has the opportunity to invite other players to the role of recruits) will have 2 more free invitations available. Every four months you can invite 2 recruits.
• Unused invitations from the previous period are canceled.
* If you have people you can invite right now, use them (!), Create a referral link in order to not lose your extra free slots.
• All progress in the performance of referral contracts is maintained (points).
• You can wait and not choose a tank as a reward, then wait for a new stage and pick a new, different tank.

9 thoughts on “World of Tanks Referral Program – 4th Season – More Info

  1. So if I currently only have one free slot, then I invite someone. Then in the next referral season, I will have three slots (one used, two new free slots). Is that correct?

  2. May be VK168.01 and T-34-3, as they are both unpopular tanks.

    1. Those or.. Either T34, Löwe, or CDC as they have been removed from the premium shop. (jagd 88 and panther 88 are removed too but they’re already on the reward).

      Ofc this is just speculation.

      1. They won’t put Lowe, b/c it is a decent tank. They only put on the reward list obsolete/unpopular tanks. T34, I think, will be or M46 Korea, or CDC. They are all mediocre.

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