8 thoughts on “Lorraine 50 t In-game Pictures

      1. That is because the image links or the website coding is broken due to user error on part of those running the site and making these posts.

        They should just make them hotlinks instead of posting them as images.

    1. I’d imagine either are equally as likely, unless they do what warships did with the freemium you could get with a lot of free exp

      Another option is they could be new stuff for the bond shop, which isnt a terrible idea tbh

  1. Tbh I’m not really sure why they’re doing this “entirely possible that it’s real but at the same time probably isnt real” tank when they could just do the amx 50b with the tcb 120, which wouldnt be far off from how this thing looks and would probably play, thou I’m not gonna complain, any excuse to have more french heavies like my m4 51 and m4 54 is a good excuse

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