11 thoughts on “WoT 1.9.1: “Crown Guard” 3D Style Pictures (T95/FV4201 Chieftain)

  1. Cool. How about we buff the tank a little as well, while we’re at it. Because why the f— not.

  2. How about giving us the real Chieftain as a Collector’s Vehicle so we would have a chance to fight against this garbage?

  3. seriously, can you stop screwing around and fix the image links? you have them copy pasted as linking to 2 domains in the url… amateur level over 9000. miss the old patrol. on this post and a few others below it

    1. I’d love to, but I can’t make them clickable any way but this. WordPress.org has a trash classic editor.

      1. Considering how annoyingly frustratingly “buggy” this new TAP is ~ over the old non-buggy that works all the time previous TAP

        I think Seb is doing a amazing job here
        cannot be easy
        and Seb has a life too!

        please keep the TAP rolling Seb
        sure you will get everything here working smoooooothly again

        1. Posting is way more slow now too. Goal is, by the end of the year, to gather enough money to be able to change the host, even if I am at a loss.

  4. Sorry to whoever runs this site dam they giving ya a hard time . They forgot to write op on the side and on the other side game breaking for this skin.

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