Supertest: Valiant (Initial Stats)

Another British tank is about to roll onto the Supertest. This time it’s the Valiant, a Tier V medium. But is it as valiant as its name suggests? The Supertest will show!

Technically, the vehicle is an evolution of another British tank, the Valentine. The improvements were made in two areas: armor protection and firepower. As a result, the Valiant’s front and side armor is up to 114 mm, while its hit points amount to 800. As for the firepower, it was taken up a notch, too: its alpha is 110 points while the reload time is 3.9 s. The dispersion and the aiming time are 0.41 at 100 m and 2.3 seconds, respectively. While armor penetration with a standard AP shell is 91 mm and a special APCR round will pierce armor 144 mm thick.

The rest of its characteristics are quite mediocre, with a view range of 340 m, maximum speed of 19 km/h, and a power to weight ratio of 7.7 hp/tonne.

Summing up, the Valiant boasts a rapid-firing gun and armor protection that is decent for its tier. Conversely, mobility and dynamics are the vehicle’s downsides. Given these characteristics, the tank is good at supporting allies in breaking through enemy defense while inflicting much damage thanks to its gun.

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7 thoughts on “Supertest: Valiant (Initial Stats)

  1. Good luck penning that from the front with your 85-128mm of pen with your tier 4-5 tanks

  2. Tbh its too slow, armor is pretty worthless most of the time and the gun lacks penetration even for some tanks a the same tier. On top of that it so slow that i cant really run away.
    I dont think this can and will be a good tier 5 tank unless you´re in a tier 5 matchup

    1. not really possible since the British only got to know about the IS-3 when it paraded in Berlin, the Valiant had already been built before that in 1944

  3. I may be mistaken but I seem to remember that the Valiant and its upgraded variants (blueprint only, Valiant II and Heavy Valiant) were mentioned in a Q&A back in 2015 as candidates to start a new line
    it took them a while but it is good to see at least one finally making it to the game

  4. A Heavy Tank disguised as a Medium. Ironic… Please welcome yet another Matilda, but now a tier higher.

    Seriously, why is it a Medium and not a Heavy with these speeds? I feel like even Churchills will be faster than this.

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