Grand battles disabled

For the duration of the Road to Berlin event, Grand Battles will be disabled.

Thank you for your understanding.

Player Support Team

4 thoughts on “Grand battles disabled

  1. tl;dr – one forgettable game mode is being temporarily switched out in favor of another forgettable game mode. Derp ๐Ÿ˜›

    In fairness, GB is not bad, but getting one game in it is too rare and it should be open to more tiers, not just 10 (and afaik 8 but I could be wrong).

    1. I get into grand battles so rarely that I do not know which positions are best suited to which vehicles or know my way around the maps.
      From what I’ve witnessed first hand, I’m hardly the only one either with a well placed (enemy, usually) TD mincing an entire flank because they knew exactly where to hide.
      Incorporating it futher into the map/mode rotation would be a benefit if people are to get to know the mode/maps better.

    2. If not happening more often, people can’t get gud, then poeple will hate

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