10 thoughts on “IS-3A, Offspring Customisation, TL-1 LPC Available on EU

    1. TL1 is a pretty decent tank~ but the penetration is just a little too low for my taste. 208mm?
      It doesn’t have the nice Lansen Alpha… and it doesn’t have the nice Cent1Ac 226 pen… (or acc)

      It does have armor and mobility. I guess its somewhere in between? Jack of all trades. Yet i~ think a prem tank should be more specialized…

      1. i was talking about is3a , i don’t have TL1 so i can’t tell if is good or bad, but i think tanks with 240 alpha damage is not worth the money 🙂

  1. The pack of the camo and other paints needs to have 6 of each emblem and inscription as only has one of each just now

    1. I’m sorry but quoting QB doesn’t score points. He’s just a high tier elitist and lost any value long ago.

      1. And there are those who are inherently jealous because QB is the among the top 100 players in EU. Just deal with it.

  2. I have bought the TLC today. First thing I did was to remove the pathetic Offspring skin; it looks idiotic. The tank is pretty nice, though – decent mobility and armor, reliable gun and good view range. Yes, the penetration of the gun leaves a bit to be desired, but then it has 280 alpha, 40 more than the Korea Patton or the T25 (because reasons). All in all not a bad tank, though really too pricey for what it is. At least I had a voucher.

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