7 thoughts on “8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger Available on EU

    1. it’s an easy credit maker, never sees tier 10 and standard pen is high enough

  1. It’s a tank penalized by designs of the maps,the maps all of them are crap.Another point it’s that the specs of this tank are not compatible with the style of the game.Who made the specs for this tank has no clue about the tank and game.

  2. Free by referral program. You can earn it for free in about a week.

  3. a long time ago this was a nice tank actually this was ma second premium after lowe… i remember i did lot of missions for 260 at the time… fast firing… armor of a tier 9 actually the fire was like 4.2 or 4.3 secs low alpha ok but after u tracked an enemy he was pretty dead… and also premium matchmaking.. if u was playing alone u was max with tier 9… but now this tank has no chance against ebrs and other meta tanks… not considering the constant spamming of button number 2 that will allways pen u no matter what.. so yes as other people say before… if u got it already its ok… probably u enjoyed like i did in the past.. but if u havent got it… dont spend ur money for this crap…

    1. Right there! I have to completely agree with you, it was my first premium ever and I really loved it. From time to time I try to give it a try, but I simply cant. The gun is laughable, whereas previously you could try snipe the weak points, most modern heavies don’t have them and u don’t get a good premium round to even try it. The new hyper mobile tanks can circle you for days and for the ones that can’t, load gold and pen you from front to rear with ease. Not even the 250mm superstructure is enough.

      Still, I still hate how WG tries to sell it. Should have been a collector or exclusive premium, not one that gets sold like it is “the greatest”

  4. Tier VIII’s answer to the TOG II. It’s cumbersome, slow, easily shot up and absolutely nobody fears it. At all.

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