WoT: Road to Berlin Main Reward Leak! + IS-2 Shielded Stats

Characteristics and description of the main prize of the PvE event:

On May 4 a new special event named Road to Berlin will start. Within two weeks, you and other players will be able to fight against computer-controlled enemies. Select a branch, complete all stages and get prizes: discounts on the Tier VII Premium Tank IS-2 Shielded, equipment from awards, medals. Winning the prize should be the same way as in previous marathons. The more stages completed, the greater the discount.

Built in 1944, the IS-2 heavy tank (IS-122) was a modification of the IS-1. Its armor plate was 120 mm and was easier to cast. Heavy tank regiments of the elite Soviet Guards widely used IS-2 in their attacks on fortress cities: Budapest, Wroclaw and Berlin. The IS-2 Shielded tank is its modification with mesh screens, helpful in combat in urban areas.

IS-2 Shielded. Statistics:
Tier: VII, HT USSR, premium, 6.000 gold
Alpha Damage: 390/390/530
Penetration: 175/217/61 mm
Reload time: 11,79 s
Accuracy: 0,44
Aiming time: 3,26 s
Turret turning speed: 26,07 °/s
Depression/Elevation: -6/+25 °
Rounds in magazine: 28.
Maximum / reverse speed: +30/-14 km/h
Engine: 600 hp
Power-to-weight: 12,91
Hull turning speed: 33,38 °/s
HP: 1.230
Hull armor: 100/90/60 mm
Turret armor: 100/90/90 mm
View range: 340 m
Radio range: 440 m
Crew members: 4
Mass: 46,47 t
Rate of fire: 5,09 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1984

More pictures (from wotclue):

14 thoughts on “WoT: Road to Berlin Main Reward Leak! + IS-2 Shielded Stats

  1. Its armor plate was 120 mm and was easier to cast.

    Hull armor: 100/90/60 mm
    Turret armor: 100/90/90 mm


    1. IS 1 and early IS 2 with step-like hull had 120 mm armor, while IS-2 with the flat angled T-34 like hull had 100 mm. They probably just made a generic IS-2 description without looking at the in game model.

    2. You do realize you literally quoted WG’s quote of historical data then the armor statistics of an arcade game?

      Just some food for thought.

  2. Will there be bs fuel again to limit the game numbers?

    Will we be able to get this tank for free if we complete all branches?

  3. I’m worried about the PVE aspect of this game mode. On one hand, it might be a breath of fresh air compared to standard PVP, on the other I have pretty bad memories of how PVE works in World of Warships, and if they’re going to do the same (or worse) in World of Tanks I would be disappointed, but not surprised. Oh well, we’ll see.

    By the way, with this tank we’ll have five (5) IS tanks in Tier 7. 😛

  4. Another useless tank. 100 or 120 mm armor, it makes no difference when tier 5 games are full of gold spam. To carry around armor in today’s gold hell is to be stupid. A lot of skill at the press of the 2 key these days. As for the “collector” argument… Dude, you don’t own anything. These pixels go away when you unplug the server. Go collect stamps or used dildos like the other boring collectors. Pixels are not collectables. This IS2 is boring and so are pixel hoarders.

    1. all i can comment on this is even non prem tanks are collectibles no need to spend money on them, if you say that you don’t own anything cause they are pixels, then why are you playing the game in the first place?

      Easy fix, uninstall the game don’t bother reinstalling cause they are just pixels (atleast for you they are)

  5. The PVE event certainly looks like a nice event and I’m looking forward to it actually.

    But I won’t be playing it for this reward. A Russian heavy tank, this IS-2, as reward does not interest me what so ever.

    What would have been interesting: if WG would have added THREE choices in rewards. Like between: a US reward tank, this Russian reward tank and something more general like premium time + gold.
    That IMO would have been a worthwhile goal for a broader set of players.

    1. The problem is, this is ROAD TO BERLIN event. So the prize is a soviet tank. The american tank, Eagle Pershing, is there to buy in NA server.

  6. A thoroughly pointless addition to the game… A skin for current IS-2’s would make more sense.

  7. So it’s basically a Marathon for a IS-2 3D skins, Hmmmm no need for Frantic Grinding here i’m afraid.

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