Update 1.9: New game mode

The 1.9 update game files contain information about a new game mode: “Brawl mode”. These battles will be played in 7 × 7 format on 10 levels (as in the case of Team Clash), but this time without rivalry between Streamers and YouTubers.

The event will last from 24 to 26 April.

8 thoughts on “Update 1.9: New game mode

  1. I’m totally underwhelmed by the anniversary and I doubt it will get much better. They should just give us a present like 5000 bonds or so to thank us for keeping the game alive. That would be awesome. Instead we have to earn our useless “presents” with stupid missions.

    1. No doubt what’s been revealed so far has been underwhelming but I prefer the incentives to play over just 5k bonds tbh.

  2. i agree. you would think that after 10 years they give something back to the people who put hundreds and thousands of euro into the game. i had high hopes but so far i’m more than disappointed.

      1. one of those tier 9 tanks which are on ST still??? There are 4 of them “tested” only in present…probably a lot more planned

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